Saturday, September 01, 2012

A Puppy Party and a Trip Down Memory Lane

 Rose loves "dog dogs" so we decided to celebrate here 2nd year of life with a "Puppy Party"!
All dressed up and checking out the cupcakes!
Sweet sisters waiting for their buddies to arrive.
Tim promised Rose a treat if she smiled ;)
The spread! I found most of these ideas on Pinterest and Martha Stewart's Website :)
She actually had a whole segment on a Puppy Party! She has a great video to watch here. Hers was much more elaborate than mine, but I'm proud that I did mine on a tight budget of time and money!
How could I not serve Puppy Chow?!
Dog Bones (pre-made herbed puff pastry). I was going to make homemade soft pretzel bones, but just didn't have time. Can anyone relate with that?! So I bought some pre-made dough, cut it into approximately 4x2 in. rectangular strips, rolled each strip into a snake like shape, and then tied each end into a knot. Voila! Dog Bones.
Pupcorn (sorry for all of the lame puns - I just couldn't help myself!)
Malt Balls ;)
We just HAD to serve hotdogs!
And they were American made from Costco - so that made my heart happy!
And of Course - Pupcakes!
I basically followed Martha Stewart's idea, but made it a little easier. I frosted them with homemade buttercream, Stuck a little mini cookie on for the face, chocolate chips for the eyes, chocolate covered raisin for the nose, drew the mouth with icing tube from the store (I also ended up using that to put the nose on so it didn't look white under the nose).
 And since I couldn't find any cookies here that fit the right size of the ears (some people used "Nutter Butter" cookies), I followed Martha's video of making the them.

I just melted chocolate chips, scooped it into the corner of a zip lock bag (makeshift piping bag), cut the corn off, and piped small oval (isn) or bean-like shapes onto wax paper, let them cool in the fridge. I then stuck them to the frosting smooth side up for ears!
The shape of each set of ears was not exactly symmetrical, but they look just fine on the cupcakes I think!
I'll admit, that part was MUCH easier than I though it would be. I even made a little heart with chocolate and put it on a cupcake for Tim. I'm totally using this method again for decorating cakes and desserts in the future!
I made a doggy bag using this clip art template. I really just wanted to use brown paper lunch bags (because they are cheaper), but I couldn't' find them here. 
All in all it was a really fun party. Rose sure did love those "Dog Dogs"!
And that of course made me happy! 
Happy Birthday Rose Lillian Baylor!

And now for a little trip down memory lane :)

August 30, 2010 ~ Rose's first day!
Tiny newborn feet!
6 months old 
12 months old and packing for Scotland!
18 months old and full of personality ;)

 2 years old. 
You have won our hearts Rose! 
You are a smart, observant, quiet, quirky, happy little girl, and we can't imagine our lives without you! You are a blessing from the Lord who made you! 
Happy Birthday Sweetheart! 
We love you! 


Shanna said...

You're amazing, Julie! This party looks awesome, and Rose is adorable! PS you look fantastic!

kellyH said...

I love it - looks adorable!

Anonymous said...

Just found this link on pinterest, and I had to comment. We have a daughter born Aug 31,2010 that loves puppies, we are having a dog party for 3 years old. Also, we are moving to Wales next summer from the states. Small World!