Saturday, August 25, 2007

Our New Home

We are all settled in and enjoying our life here in Chicago. As promised, here are some pics of our new place with our decorations and a fresh coat of paint.

Monday, August 20, 2007

My First Day of School

Well, I spent all week last week preparing for this day: the first day of school! I have 12 kids in my class so far ( they expect for me to have 15-17). It was a great day overall. The kids have a lot of energy and I like that, but it certainly is a challenge to keep them focused and to keep them quiet when they need to be.

We did some fun activities though. We played the toilet paper introducation game. I told the class that we were going to do an activity with Toilet paper and to take as much as they thing they will need for the activity. After everyone takes what they want (usually a few take A LOT) - I tell them that they need to tell one thing about themselves for every square of paper... they all moan --- but it's a fun way to get to know each other!

Then there is the factor that this school is a so different compared to GCA. So it will definately take some time getting use to.

But overall I am excited that God has placed me here and looking forward to the ministry that he has for me.

Friday, August 10, 2007

I have a job!

Well, as of today - I have a teaching job!

The last few days have been quite the roller coaster.

Wednesday -I turned down the Trinity "Academic office assistant" position. Tim and I prayed about it and just felt like we should wait to hear from the two other schools.

Later Wednesday - I got a job offer from "Holy Family Lutheran School" to teach 3rd grade.

Today - I heard from the other school that they had chosen another candidate, so I accepted the third grade position at Holy Family. I was glad to have one door close and another open up!

I am really excited about this position. Holy Family Lutheran School is a ministry to underprivilegeded kids in downtown Chicago. The school is fully funded by Holy Family Ministries. They provide breakfast and lunch for the majority of the children in the school every day. The Principals name is Cheryl Collins. She has such a vision for the school and for the kids. Her attitude and vision is contagious!
It has been so great talking to her and hearing about the ministry. She seems to be excited about adding me to the team. That was encouraging to hear.

The salary is pretty decent and the benefits are great! What an answer to prayer.
-- It is going to be about a 45+ min. drive there every day, so that will be a little different than the 2 min. drive that I am use to :o)

All in all --- Tim and I are really excited for the position and thankful to the Lord for His guidance. "Thanks be to God, who causes us to triumph"

Thank you for all of your prayers! They are so appreciated. We love you and miss you all so much!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

God continues to be faithful

Well, the hunt for a job has been pretty consuming recently. God has opened so many doors, and I have had interviewed at several places recently.

First, I interviewed at a Muslim school to teach K5. That would have been a very different experience, but a ministry none the less. They ended up choosing another candidate.

Second, I interviewed for 2 different types of jobs as Trinity Evangelical Divinity school ( where Tim will be attending school). On of the positions offered me a job as an academic assistant to several faculty members. We are still, considering this position. The pay may not be as good, but the location would be convenient and they would help with Tim's tuition as well as with mine if I go for my master's degree. I have to give them an answer by Wednesday 8/8/07.

Third, I interviewed for a position as a third grade teacher at a Lutheran school near down town Chicago. It is a ministry to families in poverty. The pay is decent, and the benefits are great. They would also pay 50% - 75% of a master's degree at Concordia University.
I have been called back for a second interview on Tuesday 8/7/07.

Lastly, I interviewed for a second grade public school position in Deerfield, IL (town where Trinity is). There is a possibility that we have found a loophole with the certification issue. The interview went very well and they said that they would let me know by early next week if there would be a second interview. They pay would be very good and the location would be ideal.

Sooo, now we are just waiting and praying and trying to make the best decision possible. I will try to keep you posted as to what happens. It is so good to know that God has already chosen what is the BEST place for me to work/minister. I just have to walk by faith to find it.