Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dunnottar Castle

Yesterday it was a gorgeous day here in Scotland: 65 degrees and sunny with a strong wind blowing near the sea. We decided that before Tim had to officially report for school on Monday that we should see a castle together as a family. We chose Dunnottar Castle, which is only a 30 minute drive from our house and what a lovely drive it was! The road took us along the coast of the North Sea. 

We kept ooohing and aahhing as we turned around each bend in the road. The views were breathtaking-rocky cliffs that jutted against the sea, lush green hills with sheep and cows lazily grazing -all against the backdrop of a bright blue sky and a few white puffy clouds!  The castle began to come into view from probably a mile or two away. It's on an island that juts out into the sea.
 What a stunning silhouette on the horizon!


Maddy running ahead on the path as an older gentlemen head back from his visit

Isn't it amazing? We had a to walk the entire way down that path to the left and then up stairs to get to the castle. Quite the workout, especially when you are each caring a child. This is when I am thankful ours are little :)

Maddy was yelling, "Castle"! Although, she was very disappointed that there was no princess in this castle. 

The view of the sea from inside of the castle

The Baylor family in front of the castle. Can you believe this view?!

Afterwards we went into town and had our first Fish and Chips. Apparently  it's scandalous to visit Stonehaven and not have the fish. It really was pretty amazing!

Here is the link to the rest of the pics in the facebook album here.

Monday, September 26, 2011

We made it!

I am have a few moments online at the University library. Tim was sweet and put the girls down for a nap for me while I stayed and connected with "the outside world" :) We made it in on Thursday morning and spent a few awful days dealing with jet lag, but we are all feeling much more normal now. 

We should get internet at our place this Thursday as well as access to cheap international calling. I can't wait! Things have gone well our first few days here. The weather has been gorgeous, sunny and cool! Our flat is even nicer than the pics. We are having fun settling in as a family. I don't have a dryer or dishwasher-so that's interesting! So no one better ask me what I'M doing while Tim is at school :) 

We share a garden with a sweet older couple who owns chickens and a large black lab named Brodey(can't you hear the r rolling in your head?). They allow us to gather eggs-which is so nice! They taste so fresh too! The second night we were here, Maddy woke up at 2am and asked me if we could wake up the chickens to say hello to them :)
View of the Church's dome across the street from us. This is our view from our living room window!

The girls at ASDA (like walmart)

The park is just down this hill

Here is a link to an album of pictures that I uploaded to Facebook if you are not a member (Suz D :)
 Thanks to everyone for your love and prayers!

Friday, September 16, 2011

We Have a Flat!

Well, it was quite the process, but the Lord has provided us an apartment (flat) in Aberdeen. Our new address is: 25 Church Street, Woodside, Aberdeen, AB24 4DQ :) :) :)

Here is a link to pics of the new place. I am getting so excited now! God has been so faithful to provide everything we need every step of the way! I'm not going to lie. I was really beginning to stress about not having a place to live and started to doubt the goodness of God. But He reminded me again that HIS timing is best. HE is so good!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Celebrating 1 Year of our Sweet Rose Lillian's Life!

Rose turned ONE just a few short days ago and I am so glad to finally have the chance to sit down and reflect on her YEAR with us in the Baylor family.

Rose - you have such a sweet and yet "Rosie" personality :) We are so thankful to the Lord for this year we have had with you. We pray that we will have many more! Here's a quick stroll down memory lane.

She was 7lbs 3 oz and 20.5 inches long. She arrived on August 30th at 5:47 pm.  I had fun reading her birth story again here. Crazy how it just seems like yesterday in some ways!

2 weeks old - our sweet little bundle

One month old - becoming more alert!
1 1/2 months old getting snuggles from her big sister

2 months old and smiley

3 months old - our little pumpkin for Thanksgiving

4 months old and ready for her 1st  Christmas!

5 months and having fun on her belly

6 months and as happy as ever

7 months and in her high chair ready to eat

8 months celebrating her first Easter

9 months and happy that the weather is getting nice again!

10  months - climbed up in Maddy's chair by herself

11 months and cruising like crazy

12 months and lovin' life!
 I wanted to jot down a few of my memories of her at this stage in her life so that I don't forget :)

*At Rose's 1 year doctor appointment, she was 29 inches tall and 15 lbs 12 ounces.  She's a tall drink of water. 
* She is walking well with holding our fingers and can stand on her own for about 5 seconds. She is getting very close to taking her first steps!
*She likes most fruits, but  loves grapes. I think she would eat them for every meal if I would let her. 
* She does not like broccoli! She has already started tossing food off her tray if she doesn't like it!
* She adores her sister as always and giggles and crawls to her and away from her!
* She is nuts about cats, dogs, and zu-zu pets! She Squeals, giggles and waves her arms like a wild woman when she sees any of hem :)
* She's a mama's girl! It's happened mainly because I am home all the time with her, but I don't mind at all! If she is tired or doesn't feel good or even just nervous, she clings to me for her life!
* Daddy can always make her laugh and giggle! She loves when her flips her on the bed and tickles her!
*She has her bottom two middle teeth in already and her back right tooth as well as her top two front teeth are presently coming in - which as made for a pretty cranky baby :(
*When she is excited and happy she will bury her face into your shoulder and squeal. It's so sweet!
*When she is feeling well, she is just a peach! She loves her family, her toys and her life. She is just pretty much a        content baby!

Dearest Rose Lillian, 
Your Dad, Sister and I are so very thankful that you came to join our family a year ago! The Lord knew that you would be the perfect puzzle piece that would fit into our family. You have brought so much love and joy into each of our lives. We couldn't do without you. You are a gift from God! We can't wait to see how the Lord will use your precious life for His glory! 

Monday, September 05, 2011

Quick Update

Friday, August 26th - Tim's mom and sister came to pick up the girls in Chicago and bring them to PA so we could finish packing and cleaning. The girls hardly seemed to miss us and did great (praise the Lord!). BIG shout out to Tim's parents and sister and her family for caring for our girls for 6 days and driving in the care with them for 12 hours!!!!

Monday, August 29th - some sweet friends from church threw a little good bye party for us. I of course cried (but I had been crying probably 3x a day for the past month, so that was nothing new :)

Tuesday, August 30th - dear friends came to help us pack up our moving truck and clean our condo before our walk through at 9pm. Yes, CLEAN! Aren't my friends the absolute best?! Yes, the answer is yes! 

Wednesday, August 31st - We met Ryan and Kelly at 7am for breakfast before heading off to PA with all of our worldly possessions in a 16 ft. Uhaul truck. We had such a nice time with them - but yes, more tears! The ride was so weird (but nice) with no kiddos :) We almost didn't know what to do with ourselves! We arrived into Bellefonte around 8:30pm PA time and had a few minutes of a joyous union with Maddy before we started unloading the truck. Poor girl just kept asking for us to hold her! I gave in after a while and just sat down and snuggled her - so sweet! We got the truck half unloaded that night (thanks to my dad, tim's dad, my brother, tim's sister, mom and brother in law),

Thursday, September 1st - We finished unpacking the truck , returned it and got on the road for MA by 1pm. We arrived at my sister Jen's house at 8:30pm I think. We chatted for a bit and all went to bed. 

Friday, Sept 2nd - Sunday, Sept 4th - we spent with Tim and Katie Barker as well as Dawn, Nate, Noah and Sophie Mihelis. It was such a great time catching up with dear friends and seeing the church plant that they are starting there in Somerville. God is really doing a great work in and through each of them and we are so excited to see it unfold and to know how to better pray for them now that we were there!

Sunday, Sept 4th - Wednesday Sept. 7th - We are chilling with my sister, her husband and their three girls. Just wanted to hug them all one more time before we head overseas. They are a pretty cool family. 

Wednesday Sept. 7th - We drive back to PA to spend time with our parents and siblings before we FLY OUT of Philly on Sept 21st. We have a night flight starting at 6:15pm.

So thankful for our many dear friends and family members we have been able to spend time with and trusting the Lord for each next day, each next step.