Thursday, May 24, 2007

Four Wonderful Years

Tim and I were out late last night celebrating the season finale of LOST with some friends. So when he woke me up this morning, I was reluctant to open my eyes. But when I did I saw this beautiful gold box with a card next to me on the bed! Today is our four year anniversary. He was sneaky and told me that we were not going to do gifts this year b/c we are going away for the weekend to the outer banks with some friends. I was totally fine with that, but here I was in bed with a box next to me. I was so excited that I could hardly handle it. I started squeeling as I opened the package. To my suprise there was a gorgeous diamond eternity necklace inside! He knows that I have wanted one for sooo long! He totally floored me. I had no idea of what he was doing!
I have to say that I have a wonderful husband -- and not just because he bought me jewlery :o) Marrying him was the best decision that I ever made! He is kind, sweet, and loving towards me. He has stuck by me through thick and thin. He has always supported me and loved me. This year has been busy with work and life, and he has helped me with dishes, laundary and vacuuming! He is such a hard worker, whether it's teaching, painting, or doing school work, he is so diligent in all that he does. I am so proud of him! I know that he will do a great job at Trinity. Yes, it will be a challenge. But he is the type of person that rises to a challenge. I believe great things for him! All this to say, I love my dear husband, and I cannot imagine my life without him! Love you babe! Happy Anniversary :o)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

We Have a Place to Live in IL :o)

Well, I just got a message from Brookview Village, an apartment complex in Glenview, IL, saying that we were APPROVED ! I can't believe it, but we actually have a place to live now when we move :o) It is definately starting to feel more real now. Now, we just need to pray that I will get a job there. I have put in all of my applications and dropped off portfolios. I am just waiting to hear back from someone.

Below are some pics of the apartment. I think we showed these a while back, but here they are again, now that the "deal is done"