Thursday, June 30, 2011


You know life is just BUSY when you got to finally post on your blog and it's been over a month!!!

 Let me just give you the cliff notes of what's been happening this past month:

* End of May - early June we spent a week in PA with family. It was such a wonderful time with siblings, parents, grandparents, and cousins! Here are a few highlights.

More pictures here. 

* Then the day we came back I started my College Algebra class. It's Monday and Wednesday nights (6:30-9) during June and July. So I feel like I am studying all the time, going to class, and then getting behind in all of the other normal things that I do... oh dear! I just have to pass it. It's been 12 years since I have even touched the stuff and let's just say that Math is not my forte. Anyways, it's just one of the requirements for my Master's in order to gain state certification. I'm half way gotta just keep on keeping on!

***ROSE  turned 9 and then 10 months :0) - Yikes - so behind!
Here are a few of her stats from the last two months:
* started officially crawling at the end of May(9 months) - she's really moving now and comes to fine Maddy, Tim and I wherever we are :)
* Pulled up on coffee table at 9.5 months
* Cut her first tooth (bottom middle one) at end of May, now has two little teeth coming in the bottom middle of her grin -it's pretty sweet, I have to say :)
* Saying : baba(bottle), dada, mama, often at the right time
* loves eating small pices of table food - favorites are bluberries, pasta, and peas
* Calm personality. She does a lot of watching and just takes things in
* She is happy, but not hyper (unlike her sister)
* sleeping patterns: bed at 6pm, wakes at 7pm, 1st nap 9-11, 2nd nap 1-3.
* Waved for the first time at  9.5 months
* 9.5 month stats - Weight - 14lbs 9 oz. (5%), Height -  28in (70%)
* Tattle tale - if Maddy is even getting too close (and about to strike if you know what I mean) Rose sounds the alarm and starts squawking and looking over at me - like what are you going to to Mom?
* She LOVES to play in the bath and swim
* She did wonderfully on the trip to PA!
She is such a laid back little girl with a sweet curiosity about her!

*** MADDY turned 2 and half!

* Height - 35.5in.
* Weight 24 lbs, 5 ounces
* She is talking up a storm lately. It's been so much fun! She even is starting to get humor, such a blast!
* Loves to swim with her new swim vest
* Loves reading books, following ants, playing at the park, painting, coloring, singing(she will put about anything to song :), dancing, running, jumping, finding and throwing rocks and sticks, snuggling.
* Loves to watch Strawberry Short cake(especially loves the song, "back together again"), Elmo, Blues Clues, Veggie Tales, Praise Baby, The Wiggles.
* Loves to say "no" - hmmm --still working on that one.
She is such a joy to us! So full of life and energy that comes through in everything she does!

I'm thankful to the Lord for these days home with my gals :)