Saturday, November 20, 2010

Crazy Days

Things have been pretty busy in the Baylor household over the past few weeks. Tim's parents were here for a week, which was wonderful because the girls got to spend time with them and they were a HUGE help! It was so nice spending time with them in Chicago. Here are a few pics.

Mom Baylor with Rose

 Tim and his dad watching football and checking facebook ;)
 Maddy at the petting zoo. Mom Baylor and I took the girls.
 It was hilarious watching Madison let the goat lick her hand - she loved it!

 Tim's Dad reading to Maddy - she loved the extra attention!
 Mom and Dad Baylor with the girls at the play area at the mall ;) 

Then all of last week Tim, the girls and I got hit with pretty bad colds. Tim and I are almost feeling better, but the girl's colds have been hanging on. I think they are on the way out though - so I am happy for that! I feel like we have been cooped up in the house forever - I am ready to get out!

Since we were inside, I pulled out a old recipe for bath paints I had gotten off a blog a while back (sorry I don't remember whose it was or I would give you props!) But basically, it is 2 Tbs bath soap and a few drops of food coloring. I made three colors and Maddy loved it! Clean up was a breeze too - no stains! I just had to rinse it away with water- what fun!

 I can't believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. We are celebrating here in Chicago with some friends. We'll be feasting all day, playing games, chilling, and watching football. Well, truthfully,, I'm sure the gals will spend a lot of time in the kitchen -but it's so much more fun on Thanksgiving - and with friends! I'm so looking forward to the whole experience! Then we'll be heading home to PA for Christmas - also right around the corner!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

22 and 2

Madison is 22 months old and Rose is 2 months old. I am thoroughly enjoying these days with the girls. I want to remember them, so I am going to do a little write up on each girl. I hope to print and bind my blog someday to have as a scrapbook and I like to keep family on the East Coast updated
 - so indulge me ;)

MADISON 22 months (about 23 lbs)

FUNNY things:

* When she wants Tim or me to tickle her or throw her around, she says "Get Me!" and then giggles and runs away - it's so fun to hear!

* She has been proclaiming what she hears and sees now. For example, she will point to her eye and say, "See: plane, bus, big truck, cloud etc" Then she usually says, "hold?" And I explain that it's too far to reach and then she stretches her arm and says, "reach?!" Its cute!   One time at dinner she tooted and squealed, "Hear! Poop!" Tim and I just died laughing.

* We live in a condo unit on the second floor and we have to pass several doors to get to  ours. Maddy had a habit of stopping at the other doors and jiggling the handle (one time someone came to the door and I had to apologize!) I had to fix this one quick! So now when she walks down the hallway, she stops at the other doors, wags her finger and says " No door, no no!" and then keeps walking. When she gets to our door, she exclaims, "Yeah! Door!!"

* We have gotten in the habit of telling her, "good girl!" or "big girl!" when she does things we ask, or something new. Well now she likes to tell us that she is a good girl when she does something she is trying to. Like one morning she ate all of her toast, so she lifted her empty plate in the air and shouted, "Good Girl Toast!"

* Last Sunday on our way to church, Maddy was saying, "One doll-Share!" as she was pointing her one finger in the air. She kept saying it over and over after I would say we are on our way to church. I finally realized that last week, she must have been hogging the baby dolls  and they had to tell her to only hold one doll and to share! Oh dear!

NEW things: 
* Thank you seemed to take FOREVER to learn! She kept saying "Welcome" for a long time. She has finally gotten it and even says it unprompted from time to time. I LOVE it! She enunciates each sound of the phrase one by one - I love these early talking days. Everything sounds so cute the first time they say it ;)

* She seems to be jabbering away these days. She can say her ABC's (after I say each one) she can repeat counting to ten (following my lead). Communication has gotten so much easier. I feel like we can have a little conversation now.

* She is down to one nap. She just gave her morning one up less than a month ago ( I was lucky!) But she is sleeping a good couple of hours midday now.

* She has been pretending more, which I love! She and I pretend to eat food at the playground table and she dances her ponies around on the coffee table, and pretends to feed and change her baby doll - such fun!

* She has started calling Tim and I Mommy and Daddy instead of Mama and Dada -it was a little sad at first (not so baby-like) - but still so cute to hear it!

* I bought her first bottle of bubbles (not sure why it took me so long!) She is obsessed with them and asks me to make more bubbles all the time!

*She calls her baby doll (baby rose) and takes good care of her -for the mot part

ROSE- 2 months (about 9 lbs)
Happy things:

* She coo's, squeals, and Squeaks after she has eaten and is feeling pretty good. Those sounds just warm my heart! 

* She has gotten on a pretty good feed-wake-sleep schedule during the day and has finally gotten to where she can fall asleep on her own at nap time and bed time. She has been sleeping anywhere from 6-10 hours at night (usually around 8). We have started a bit of sleep training at that seems to have helped.

* She is so warm and cuddly! I love that she will still fall asleep in my arms :)

* She is kicking her legs like crazy and flapping those arms when she lays on her back - it's so cute!

* She smiles when she sees, Mom, Dad, Maddy, or a fan - haha!

* She copies us when we stick out our tongues -which Maddy loves!

* She LOVES taking a bath

Not-so-Happy things:

* Blow out diapers - how did I forget about this?!

* Major spit up mishaps - this child can spit up! Yuck!!!

* Fussy evenings

I look forward to the girls interacting more as they get older. Even now, I love the way that Maddy asks for Rose first thing when she wakes up and Rose coos and smiles at the sound and sight of her sister.  I am continually thankful to the Lord for our healthy, happy girls and for the 
priceless opportunity to stay home with them.