Sunday, April 30, 2006

Science Fair: " What effect do differenet forms of chocoloate have on the consistency of a chocolate chip cookie?'

Here is my wonderful class getting ready to make cookies! We had such a fun time and learned so much about CHOCOLATE duirng this project.

This is our Science Fair display board. They did such a great job!

They even dressed up as oompa loompas and other chracters from the book, WillyWonka and the Chocolate factory!

And then of course, we had a major CHOCOLATE party and watched Charlie and the Chocolate factory :o)
What a great Science Fair topic!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Ladies... we have a GREAT opportunity and responsibility to love, care and aid our husbands during this Oh, so difficult time! I know... I have the tendency to get tired of seminary LIFE at this point. I think: " Why in the world are we doing this?" We have no money, no time together! But then .... as usual, the spirit convicts me and reminds me of the necessary sacrifice and the resulting blessing of GRACE ministry! He will be our strength and our guide... and MAY will be here before we know it!
God Bless ladies. Let's pray together that we will have the strength necessary to be SELF sacrificing and give ourselves wholly to the support, sumbmission and upholding of our precious husbands.

I am currently reading this book by NOEL PIPER, called "Faithful women and their extraordinary God"
It give a mini-biography of 5-6 women of faith. One of them being Sarah Edwards, Jonathan Edwards wife. She was the mother of 11 children. She cared for the kids, the cows, the house, and the finances while Jonathan was away ministring as an evangelist to churches. SHE did everything! And I complain when I have to make dinner and clean up too... how lazy and selfish am I! Noel basically shares how Sarah freed her husband up to do the ministry of the Lord! In so doing she impacted history forever by being "faithful in the mundane". Not to mention, that she raised 11 god-fearing children who served the Lord in various and amazing ways.
May we also followin suit. May we be willing to lay down our own selfish desires, in pursuit of God's Greatest GLORY through our precious husbands!

Dear Father,
Thank you for your divine providence in our lives. We are forver and continually grateful for this work of grace! We come before you today on behalf of each seminary student and, if pertinent, his supporting and submissive wife.
*May these MEN have the strength and wisdom necessary to continue on to the end of this semester. May they have Christ-like love for their wives.
*May each WIFE support, love and aid her husband in the truest, purest way possible.May we offer our desires to you as a sacrifice of PRAISE. You are our GRACE!
... Father be our help and our sustainer in these weeks. Strengthen each marriage by your grace! We love you more than life!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


This past Sunday night, Julie and I had Rob and Julie Hall over after Church to watch King Kong. I had already seen it in the theatre, but Julie hadn't and I wanted to see the fight scenes again so we rented it and invited the Hall's over.

I love that movie. I have to say it. I know the acting is terrible, and the relationship between the skipper and the black skpper named deck-hand "Jimmy" seemed a little too "broke-back sailboat"-ish at more than one place.
Nevertheless, I am a red-blooded American man, which means I love violence -- especially violence between Monkeys and Dinosaurs. I tend to get carried away (notice my face in the mirror).

We all got carried away.

Julie Hall especially.

Furthermore, the graphics are so realistic. That monkey looks real. Some things about the movie were rediculous of course. I thought that it was unusual that a King Kong eat a single bananna, try an hookup with another 35 ft. monkey, or throw feces at anyone (I have never been to the zoo when this doesn't happen). That seemed a bit unlikely to me, but on the whole, it makes sense why they would edit those takes out when watching Kong rip a T-Rex in two is so much more enriching.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Yahoo!!! I finally have my own office!

Ok..I know you're all wondering...yes! That is the closet in our REAL office.... mine is just the pretend office I guess... for playing :o) I plan to make lots of jewelry and cards in there. And that is serious business!

Ok...I may do a little master's work in there this summer too if I can get myself to put away the beading long enough :O)

A Great Yardsale Find!

We bought this at the "Agape Church Yardsale"last week for only $10! We may refinish it and put new hardware on it. But it serves us well as a coffee bar no matter the color :O) I even had room to put my coffee cups and cookbooks underneath!
I love yardsales!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ryland Timothy Baylor

My brother just had his second child -- a boy named Ryland Timothy Baylor. Ryland is my brother Jon's middle name, and Timothy is, of course, my first name. As I am sure all of you were thinking, his first pictures reveal that with a name like Timothy, he will be devilishly hansome and irresistably charismatic.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Back to Posting
I have been out of the Blogging world for quite some time now. I have been sick for about a month now. there have been three or four different problems that I was facing. Among them was a bad cold. The others I won't go into detail about (mainly girl problems) and I don't want to weird out any boys that are reading this :o)If you're a girl and are interested in all that has been going on, feel free to e-mail me :o)

Nevertheless, the Lord has been good and I am feeling much better!

Thank you so much for thos of you who were praying for me. I am very greatful!