Saturday, September 09, 2006

Back to GCA

Well, Tim and I started back to GCA on the 21st of August for inservice. We spent a week getting our rooms and curriculum together and then on the 28th the kids came back to school. We really only had a four day week the first week because we got Friday off for Hurricane Ernesto, and then we had a four day week the next week as we had Monday off for Labor day. We both really loved having four days of work, then a four day weekend, the four days of work again :o) I wouln't mind if every week was like that!

Tim is teaching Theology, Greek and History this year. He really seems to be ejoying his group of students . I have 19 fourth graders that seem like a really great group of kids as well. I have 7 boys and 12 girls! This is quite the classroom change as last year I had mostly boys. Let's just say it's a whole lot calmer in the classroom... and I get a lot more hugs. I would include a picture of my students, but our digital camera is at Canon right now being fixed, oh well! That's about all that has been going on for right now. I will try to do better at keeping the blog updated :O)