Monday, February 26, 2007

Chicago Survey Trip - Part 2

This is the sweet rental car we had.... we wanted to just KEEP it so badly! --oh well. Bound by the Law....

Here are some pics of the local village of Liberty Ville.
Isn't it quaint! I really would like to live there :o)

Here is a picture of the one and only D. A. Carson at Trinity :o) Yes, I'm a dork... I sneaked to the back to go to the bathroom and snapped this of him !

Here are some pics of our way into the city. We don't have very many because our battery died on the way ... bummer... oh well.

Ok... so all went so well while we were there. We got to look at many apartments, and even had some great job interviews!

We met a woman whose father in law is the Superintendent of Public Schools in Northbrook district. I got to interview with him and the possibilities look good. This is me all dressed up in my new suit holding my professional portfolio..hee.. hee..

We hit a rough patch about 2-3 hours outside of the airport... when our flight was suppose to leave . I realized that I did not have my purse. We went to the hotel, every building on campus at TEDS, and most restaurants that we could remember. It was no where! We don't know for sure, but we think it was stolen, while we were in the city! Soooo.... that was Tuesday night. They would not let me on the flight without my ID. So I filed a police report and we were able to get on the plane the next day... we missed an extra day of work and had to stay an extra night! Soooo ... God is sovereign.. through " GOOD " and through "BAD".

Monday, February 19, 2007

Chicago Survey Trip - 2007

We flew in to Chicago on Friday Night. We got a SWEET rental car, a Nissan , Morano - AWD :o) We are loving it! Friday and Saturday night we stayed with some friends of Jamie and Stacie Potts. They were really very helpful!

Saturday, the 17th , we went into Deerfield to see the Tinity International University. We met Jeremy and Sarah Brown who drove out for the " Taste of Trinity" Days.

** After lunch, Tim and I drove around until about 5pm Apartment searching in the Deerfield and surrounding areas.
Lastly, we went into the city of Chicago, and walked around on the city on Rush street and Milwaukee Ave.

** We went to dinner at the "Grande Lux Cafe"- It was amazing! We ate dinner in the second floor rotunda, overlooking the city. It was gorgeous! I had a signature shrimp scampi and Tim had a shrimp, chicken, and rice meal. It was so fabulous! I don't have pics, because the camera ran out of batteries, but here is the website if you want to see what it was like :o) Click here on

Following will be some apartments that we looked at in the area. I will be specifically posting these for family, and friends who are interested :o)

This one is my favorite so far... a bit pricey, but they all are in Chicagoland! It has one bedroom with a nook for Tim's office. It's very spacious and nice looking!

Very much like a hotel entrance and lobby and hallways.

laundary facilities on second and third floors

There is the nook for Tim's office :o)
You can't see it, but we can fit a small table over in the right of the kitchen
The sink is outside of the bathroom .
Hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you think! Tomorrow is job hunting. I have put together my portfolio and I am dropping it off and meeting with administrators all day tomorrw :o) Pray all goes well!
See you all VA Beachers soon!

Here are some fun pics of tim and I at lake michigan :o)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day Sweetheart!

On March 18th , 2002 in New York City, a handsome and brave young man asked his best friend to marry him....

And she said..... YES!
And that had to have been one of the BEST Choices that she has ever made!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

It's FINALLY over!

Yup, that's right. I took the (Praxis I) early this morning at Virginian Wesleyan. It took me four and a half hours to finish. There are three sections on the test: Reading comprehension, Arithmetic, and Writing. I got my scores for the Reading and the Math immediately, because it was a computer-based test.I will not get my Writing score for another 10-14 days, as the essays need to be evaluated.

Each test is scored separtely and can actually be taken on different test days, but that was more expensive, so I just did it all on one day :O()

Well, I will start with what passing scores are for Virginia and Wisconsin. Why Wisconsin? --I am going to apply for my teaching licensure in WI because that is the state I graduated from.

VA Passing Scores are as follows:
Reading- 178
Writing- 176
Mathematics - 178
WI Passing Scores are as follows:
Reading- 175
Writing - 174

Mathematics - 173
And MY scores.................
Reading - 181
Matehematics - 179

I passed both of thos tests in both states!!!! YAHOOOOOEEEEEHHHH!!!!

Praise the Lord !

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Something Missing ?

"Christianity without Discipleship is always
Christianity without Christ."

- Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Friday, February 02, 2007

My Introduction Page to my Professional Portfolio


My life began in Sturbridge, Massachusetts on January 13th . My childhood days were poverty-based, as my mother and father worked in a very small, conservative, Christian School and had five children to support. There were days when we would not have had food to eat for dinner, but someone graciously heard the voice of the Lord, and brought our family a bag of groceries. Although this was difficult as a child, these situations instilled family unity in me at a young age and brought our family closer to the Lord. Needless to say, Family means the world to me. At a young age, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. This decision has played a vital role in my life since that day.
When the small Christian school we were attending closed down for various reasons, my mother and father shared the load of home schooling five children, ages 5-15. My mother would work shifts as a manager at McDonalds from 4am – 10am and my father would work third shift at UPS. By sixth grade, my twin sister, brother and I decided that we wanted to go to public school. We went for one year, and enjoyed our year very much, but we did miss the Biblical teachings that we had grown up with.
At the age of 13, our family moved to State College, Pennsylvania because my Father’s mother passed away due to cancer. By God’s Sovereign plan, our family inherited a large farmhouse with 150 acres of land. It was then, I attended a larger Christian School in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. I attended from 8th grade until I graduated. It was there that I met my high school sweetheart and now husband of four years, Timothy Baylor.
I followed him to school in Dunbar, Wisconsin. I obtained my Bachelors degree in Elementary Education there. I performed my student teaching tasks in a private Christian school in Portsmouth, VA- teaching fifth grade under Mrs. Becky Gravley.
The following year, my husband and I moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia in order for him to attend a local seminary there. I started my first teaching job at Greenbrier Christian Academy, teaching 2nd grade. I enjoyed my first year immensely, but I wanted a little bit more of a challenge with the kids. I really wanted to teach fourth grade. When there was an opening in the fourth grade the next year, I snatched it up. I am currently teaching fourth grade at Greenbrier Christian Academy.
This June or July, My husband and I plan on moving to Chicago in order for him to attend Trinity Evangelical Divinity School . I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to teach in the public school system in the area. I know that God has some exciting things planned for our lives in the Chicago area.