Saturday, September 27, 2008

Glenview Farmer's Market

From June through October, Wagner Farm hosts a farmer's market in our area. It is every Saturday morning from 8am - 12pm. I love going. I got up this morning and headed over. I had such an enjoyable time. It was just a gorgeous 70's day and all of the Fall produce was out.

I love that young and old alike come out for this. It is such a family affair.Vendors from all parts of Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin come to sell their fresh grown produce. I love seeing the same farmers each week.

I bought some Fall Indian corn for some decoration in my house.

Here are my buys : A gallon of Apple cider (so so fresh and tasty!), 5 lb bag of honey crisp apples, 5 mini pumpkins and gourds, 5 ears of Indian Corn, a head of garlic, and raspberries (one of my favorite finds- so yummy!)
This is the little arrangement I made to bring some color into the house and to celebrate Fall!

Friday, September 19, 2008

28 Weeks - Holy Cow - that is 7 months!!!

I had parent/teacher conferences tonight - so I thought I would get some pics while I was dressed up :)
Black is so slimming, isn't it - ha ha ha!!!
Ok so this pregnancy has seriously been flying by.  I think heading back to teaching again has really consumed me - I just can't believe I am in my 3rd trimester already!   The Lord has been so good. Things have gotten a little bit better at school. The kids are still a handful, but today I met with each and every parent at parent conferences, and they were very responsive to me.  It is so good to know that I have supportive parents.

To all moms (and dads) out there - PLEASE support your child's teacher - it will be the best for his/her education!  It makes my job of training and educating children so much easier!  I only had a few that were what I would call "difficult" conferences -but even those were not terrible.
Again, I am so thankful for the Lord's goodness.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

26 Belly Pic and update on life

Well, I made it through my first two weeks of teaching. It has been quite a challenge as I have 19 fourth grade students this year that are QUITE the handful! And - as you can see - I am starting to get pretty big. So I have been coming home pretty tired at night. With this group of kids, I can't really find much time to sit down. So my ankles are starting to swell and those lovely varicose veins are popping out (yuck!).

Tim has been great when I come in the door and just collapse on the couch for a half hour before making dinner. And of course I am super emotional - so a couple of nights a week, I come home crying saying that I will never make it through!
And then the next morning after a good night's rest, I feel fine. So I know that I can do it. I just have to trust in the Lord to find new strength and patience for each new day.

Other than that - things are going very well. Tim got a part-time job at the church working with the college kids and he is still working at Starbucks part-time. He is taking 10 credits this semester. That means next semester he will only have one more class and a thesis to write. Lord willing, he will GRADUATE MAY 2009!!! We are so excited at that prospect.
The church says that they would like to evaluate their budget in January to see if they can offer him a full time position with benefits. So you can pray about that.

I guess that's about it for now. I hope you all are doing well as we head into this Autumn season.