Friday, November 09, 2007

Pros and Cons of Living in an Apartment

Ok, so I have lived in an apartment and have also lived in a townhouse. So I have a pretty good take on each. I have decided to compile a list of pros and cons to living in each.

Pros to living in an Apartment:

1. You don't have to mow the lawn
2. You don't have to remember what day is trash day (not to mention that in our apartment we just found out that we have a garbage chute on our floor!) How awesome is that?
3. It takes about half the time to clean your place
4. No gutters to clean
5. No snow removal ( a BIG deal here in Chicago)
6. You know where EVERYTHING is
7. It's easier to speak to your significant other from room to room (only 2 of them!)

Cons to Living in an Apartment:

1. You can't always paint the walls
2. You are a little more crowded - harder to have guests
3. It's not your home- you can't do whatever you want to the space you live in.
4. You can hear your neighbors... whatever they are doing!
5. It's hard to get to know your neighbors well.
6. You can look out your window into someone else's window.
7. Smelly and dirty hallways

Do you have any to add to either of my lists?


Kristin said...

I agree with all your Pros! I'm thankful we don't have smelly hallways, because we don't have a hallway. We can paint our walls, but why paint when your only here for 1 year. Thankfully our neighbors aren't noisy, but there is someone new moving in on the 3rd floor, so we'll see if we hear them a few levels down...

I love your new profile picture!

LMLogan said...

as much as I'm thankful for the room and openness in our new place - I'd still say I wish we could have a PET! :)

Anonymous said...

If any thing major breaks you don't have to fix it, you just call the maint. man.

You are exposed to a variety of music.


You are exposed to a variety of music.

jeileenbaylor said...

funny thing... just the other day Tim said, wouldn't it be nice to have a dog? I was sooo suprised! But alas, we live in an apartment that does not allow them... oh well. Truthfully, I'm not sure I am ready for the mess and responsibility anyways.

Rebecca - you are sooo right!

jess said...

con: umm... can we say closet space!!! I'm currently using a make-shift "elf" closet for all my clothes. Our two 3'x3' closets are already packed with linnens, lightbulbs and all of Husband's clothes... oh the day when we'll have more storage!

juliechall said...

Pro - I agree - you don't have to wait for your hubby to fix broken things - not that Rob is really bad about that - but it's hard to get around to with school.... :)

Anonymous said...
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Tiago said...

Even thought I normally love houses more than flats I have to recognized that there are some flats with overwhelming landscapes and houses do not have these. Last summer I traveled to South America and when I was in an Argentina Apartments I was in a very high floor with a clean view where I could see the river, and the dawn spectacularly. In my house I only see my pool from my windows haha