Saturday, May 03, 2008

Burnt Ham

So I decided to make a ham the other day.  I have only made one in almost five years of marriage (and that one didn't turn out so hot).  Well, I found this recipe on the internet. It's kind of weird, but it sounded good. It consisted of butter, brown sugar, coke, and pineapple. 

 Anyways, the directions were to cover the ham with all said ingredients and then bake for 3 hours at 450 degrees. I mean, I have to admit, it seemed like a pretty hight temp for that long, but who am I to disagree with a recipe.  So I put it in the oven and set the timer.  Well, after 3 hours the buzzer went off. I was on my way home from the grocery store when tim called me and said, "honey, the ham..." I said, "what about it?" He said, "it looks bad, really bad!"

I kind of blew it off and told him to turn the oven off. I was home in a few minutes, and I could not believe how bad it really looked!  It was charcoal!  I tapped on it with a knife... and it made a loud cracking noise!  

Bummer, I thought - another ham in the garbage!

But then I talked to my sweet mother and she said that I should try to cut into it anyways to see what was inside. So after several minutes of carving away at the charcoal helmet, I broke through to -- beautiful pink ham!  It was amazing! It actually tasted sweet and juicy!  So we went ahead and ate on it for the next few days.  Craziness.... any good ham recipes out there?


cranny + b said...

wow, Jules--that is pretty amazing! and funny! Yay for moms;) I would have trashed that thing for sure--I would have never thought that the insides would have been edible after looking at the outside;)

Hope you're feeling well these days!

Andy and Davina said...

Hey, I think I know what was wrong with that probably should have told you to cook it for three hours wrapped in aluminum foil and the last half hour take the aluminum foil off and do the butter, brown sugar etc. Food Lion keeps having these really good sales on hams so I have tried a couple of them in the last month and the brown sugar cooks really fast! One time I left it in a little too long with the brown sugar and the pan looked a lot like the outside of your ham. I guess it makes for a good laugh, huh :) Congrats on the baby news! We're excited for you guys!

smlogan said...

yeah, ham is ridiculous that way.
but the good thing is that the meat goes a long way. i did one for us at Christmas, and after a day or two turned to cold cuts on kaiser, then finally a pretty good 12-bean soup with stock from the meaty bone. add a little warm cornbread, and it was beautiful.

they seem expensive at the checkout, but actually can go a long way - from oven, to fridge, to stove, to freezer.

well, thanks for the laughs.
those pictures were great.
keep at it.

Ben and Carissa said...

ok, jules - that was so funny!! I can't believe that thing!! Just chalk it up to kitchen experience! I always buy the fully cooked, spiral cut and just warm it long and slow covered in foil. My hams have always had a little cooking chart to follow - temp and time. I have also done this recipie a few times - yum!!Line your pan with foil, then push cloves into the ham (optional, but it looks pretty and adds some spice! You can't really do this if you buy a spiral cut)then pour the following glaze over it before cooking: 1T molasses, 1T mustard, 4T brown sugar, 3T light corn syrup, 1/4t cinnamon, 1/4t nutmeg, 1/4t ground ginger. Then cover with foil, cook aprox 1 hr @250. Baste a few times while cooking. Then pat an additional 4T of brown sugar on the ham and bake an additional 20-30 minutes. Let it sit a good 20 minutes and eat, eat, eat...for days!! Save the ham bone and make a bean soup! You know what they say "third time's a charm!"

juliechall said...

So - I don't have a good recipe, but this picture reminded me of the time Rob set a potato on fire in the microwave. Unfortunately, I wasn't there to see it happen, but there was a very strange smell in the house when I got home :)

Janelle said...

Too funny! I don't think I've ever cooked a raw ham. Like Carissa, I just buy the fully-cooked ones. Thanks for the great story!

juliechall said...

So...I know I just commented, but I was excited to say happy mother's day to you :)

jeileenbaylor said...

ohhhh - thanks jul! That was so sweet of you to remember me :o)

Unknown said...

I have a nice plump juicy tasty two peices of burnt ham for you to eat out if you know what I mean.

Unknown said...

My two peices of burnt ham smell really fresh and they taste really good.