Sunday, August 17, 2008


This was my classroom last year when I started school in the Fall.

Old Floors, dirty walls, no air conditioning, radiator heat (too hot in winter!), and oh did i mention the mice!

This is my room this year entering the new school season. Our school built a 9.9 million dollar school!  They were able to raise 7.9 million dollars of that!   Everything is new and CLEAN!
I have my own cabinets (that lock) and counter space!
This is the hallway with our gorgeous lockers!
I have a floor to ceiling window: it let's so much light in! I love it!
A nice large whiteboard.

I am so thankful that the Lord has provided us with a new school building.  It will be so nice to start the school year out on a NEW foot:)

I have inservice meetings all this week and then we start with the kiddos on Monday!  Please pray for a good school year.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vacation - oh so good!

We had the great opportunity to head to the east coast for almost 12 days! We had such a nice time visiting friends and family.

First, we flew into VA Beach and spent all of Saturday (Aug. 
2nd) with old friends. Our schedule for the day was CRAZY - but soo much fun!

8:00 am - We stoped by the hospital to see Dawn and Nate BEFORE Sophia was born - nice to catch up and get a belly shot with dawn.

9:30 am - We met with some of Tim's old students at "Panera" - it was so nice to catch up with them again before they head off to college again.

12:00 pm - We met with old GCA teachers at "The Baker's Crust" - The ladies threw a little baby shower for me - it was so nice!  And it was soo great to see everyone again!

5:00 pm - We got together with some seminary friends at the Trach's house. Those ladies threw a shower for me as  well (that Dawn had planned - so sweet - even if she wasn't able to make it :)

Sunday morning (the next day ) we got up early and dropped by the hospital to see Dawn, Nate, Noah and sweet baby Sophie. 

For pictures of our time in VA Beach click here

After that, Tim's parents picked us up on their way down to Duck, NC and gave us a ride to catch up with the rest of the  Baylor family.

We had a wonderful week in the Outer Banks with Tim's parents, Siblings, nieces, nephes, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. Rachel and Suz (my sisters in law) planned  a very nice shower for me at a local restaurant.  We had such a nice time together!
Pictures of our Time in Duck, NC can be found here

After a week at the beach, Tim and I travelled with his parents to State College, Pa (my hometown). Tim and I drove from there to Pittsburgh, PA where my twin sister Rachael lives. All of my family was gathering there. We had a nice time catching up with my siblings, parents, and nieces. We even got to meet up with Adam, Adrianne, and Owen Thomas (oh and Dan Valentine too). It was so great spending time with them again.

Pictures of our time in Pittsburgh are here

Monday, August 04, 2008

Our Baby Girl's Name

safety pinWe decided to name our baby girl "Madison Hope Baylor"  Madison is a family name on the Baylor side. And hope is just an encouraging word/name that has the idea of a confident expectation.  

We are thrilled to  know that we are having a baby girl and glad to finally have a name picked out. I cannot say it enough - God is so good and faithful.