Sunday, January 08, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Monday- Shepherd's Pie - Last time I made it I froze half of the base so that I could make it quickly this time. Yay!

Tuesday- Chicken Roulade and roasted carrots - never got to make this last week because we had leftover chili and ended up doing a pizza night because there was a buy one get one free deal :)
     *Last time I made this, I made it with pasta and just added some of the extra cranberry's, nuts, and  spinach to the pasta. It was yummy! This time I'm just doing baked carrots to trim down the calories.

Wednesday -Baked Chicken, crispy broccoli(drizzled  with olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper and baked at 425 for about 7 minutes
Thursday- Chicken Quesadillas - I am usually able to use the leftovers from the baked chicken above to make the next two meals!
Friday- White Chicken Chili, crispy bread


Danielle said...

How many calories are in a serving of the white chili? Do you use the heavy cream that the recipe calls for? I'd love to try a white chili recipe if you think this one is good.

suzanne said...

how did the chili turn out last week?

jeileenbaylor said...

I'm not sure how many calories there are in the chili. I wish I did. I need to see if there is a website where you can type your ingredients to find the calls per serving. If you find out let me know. I do use heavy cream, but I bet you could use maybe half and half or some lighter cream.

jeileenbaylor said...

Suz - liked the chili, but didn't love it. Hmmm... But tim is kind of looking for something with a little more punch of flavor. Plus weirdly I couldn't find tomato soup here, only cream of tomato soup.