Thursday, January 05, 2012

Madison You're THREE!!!

Dearest Madison,
It's hard to believe, but just a few short weeks ago, you turned 3 while in Scotland. I honestly can't believe it! It really seems like yesterday that your Dad and I met you for the first time on that cold winter morning in Chicago! Here are our first few moments with you. It was like time stood still.

Our lives became fuller and more meaningful that day Maddy! 
We thank the Lord for you. 
Soon you started to grow up and even make lifelong friends (maybe husband?) right Kim and Sam?! :0) Your personality and zest for life became evident. 
I love this precious picture of you and your Daddy napping together. I treasure those moments!

 Before we knew it, a year had flown by and you were toddling around like you owned the place
(and still do might I add :)
And you were only 1 1/2 when your little sister Rose was born. You were so brave and such a great big sister, even though you were so little yourself!
And ZIP - there went another year. You turned two and had a My Little Pony party with some of your favorite buddies in Chicago.
 I remember distinctly the fun you had running around the house playing with your friends on your big day. It made your Dad and I so happy!
 You and your sister bonded quickly, although not always seamlessly ;) You always took such good care of her and were very protective of her - that is unless you were the one doing the damage ;() 
Soon we started packing to leave Chicago to move to PA for a month, only to move to Scotland for 3 years! What a big transition! There were a few tough times, but all in all in time you handled it beautifully and bounced right back to your happy self! Your Dad and I were amazed!
Now here we are and you just turned 3!
You asked specifically for a Disney princess party and the little girl in me was happy to oblige! 
Star wand cookies

  You can name every princess now and have seen every Disney princess there is to see I think.
 You think yourself a little princess and your Mommy and Daddy King and Queen - I certainly don't mind that when you bow and say "Thank you your Majesty" when your Dad or I get you something :)
 You were so antsy waiting for your friends to arrive to your party...
 You sang, "Bippity Boppity Boo" to your party food, pretending that they themselves were turning into princesses. Could you please not grow up any more sweetie? 
I just can't get enough of these precious moments!
 It's only been 3 short months that we have been in a new COUNTRY and yet you have managed to make little friends already -that's when I'm grateful for your happy outgoing personality.
 Your friend Rebekah, who you look up to like a big sister, gave you her "well-loved" Belle dress for you to have now that she's outgrown it and you almost wear it every day!
 You were in tears when you friends had to go home... but I love that about you. 
You feel things with such passion.
 Your Dad and I have enjoyed three wonderful years with you and we are so thankful that you are part of our lives! You make us smile, giggle, dance, sing, play, and just plain enjoy the little moments of life more. You are precious in the eyes of the Lord and in ours too! 
Your sister adores you and loves nothing more than to toddle around after you. I love to see that you are such wonderful friends already! 
You are becoming such lovely young lady and we just can't wait to see all of the amazing things God has in store for you! 


kellyH said...

such a sweet post! I can hardly believe my guy is almost 3 as well. Maddy sounds like such a sweet fun girl!

Suzanne said...

Well, you should place a warning at the top - "bawl fest". So sweet. Tell Maddy we love her and Charlotte really misses her little buddy. She's still looking for someone new to get into mischief with! Can you imagine how sneaky our three year old gals would be together now?

Miss Mommy said...

So glad to be a part of little princess's life for this sweet season!

jeileenbaylor said...

Suzanne - I know - those girls would be tearing up the place with Chase and Rose in toe ;) I pulled out the picture of Charlotte and Rose holding their baby siblings and put it up in Maddy's room along with her other friends from Chicago. I REALLY miss play dates with you and your kiddos!