Friday, January 20, 2012

Maddy Says

*She dropped a box of raisins on the floor and I said, "Come on, I'll help you pick them up". So I quickly started scooping up raisins and dropping them back into the box while she stood there and stared at me not picking up one. In frustration I said, "Maddy, what are you doing?" She cooly said, "I'm waiting for YOU to pick up all the raisins." It was all I could do not to burst out in laughter :)

*Maddy: Mom, Daddy just leave to school.
  Me:Yup, he did sweetie.
  Maddy: Do sometimes you go to school?
  Me: No, I don't anymore.
  Maddy: yea - because you're short, so you don't got to school.
  Me: um,'s not the reason...
(haha -I think she said that because we say that when she is "big and tall" she can go to school too. Guess I never would have gone to school under those conditions (and she might not either!). Perhaps we should think of another way to say that :)

*She and Rose were playing in the bath and I started to take Rose out to dry her off and Madison quickly proclaimed, "Mom don't take Rosie out; she's my friend!"

*As she was drawing a little picture, "This says:  Happy - Birthday - Mama!"

You know your child is living in Scotland when she says:
"Mom could I have a biscuit please" (meaning cookie!)
"Mom could I have a pound for________?"
When I said the word "porch" and she said, "What's a porch? Is it a garden?"
When I tell her to put on her rain boots, she promptly says, "Mom in Scotland we say Wellies".
"My sock is wet, I'm just going to hang it on the heater to get it reaaaaaal dry!'
When we walk out the door to go somewhere, she says "are we walking or driving?"

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Suzanne said...

I gasped out loud at that first picture of Maddy. She is SO big.

The picture of her and Rose in the laundry basket - Maddy looks so much like you and Rose looks just like Tim.

I love all her "Scotland talk" but you better not let her get too comfortable saying all of those things!

Last, Gavin was trying to teach Chase some words today and he was trying to teach him how to say, "Maddy". I thought that was so funny and out of the blue!