Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rosebud: A Blossoming Flower!

Time has flown by since we moved here to Aberdeen in the end of September. Rose had basically just turned one, was sucking a pacifier, only crawling, and barely saying any words. Now it's just 3 months later and our little Rosebud is blossoming into a beautiful toddler flower haha! Ok so I guess that's where my analogy breaks down, so I'll stop trying to use it :)

I did a post on her turning one, but realized that I had forgotten to post pictures of her little birthday party in Pennsylvania, so I wanted to share a few of those.

This is how I found her after her nap :)



Well - it's hard to believe, but Rose is 16 MONTHS OLD now!

Even thought life has been so busy here, I want to make sure I document some of Rose's progression from baby to toddler so that I don't' forget how amazing the change was.

Here are a few areas she has changed in the last 3 months:
*Bye-Bye Pacifier! It was just about two weeks after we had been here, she had basically just given up her bottle in PA before we left and  was waiting to pull the paci until we got here and everything wasn't so new. Well, I only brought about 5-6 pacifiers and one day when we were walking with the stroller, Rose threw her pacifier out on the ground without my realizing it. I said to Tim, we'll I guess that's it. she cried a bit for a day or two going to bed, then it was over. I can't believe it! She immediate started seeming older!

* FIRST STEPS at Lloyds bank in Aberdeen just a week after our arrival(13 months).

* At 14 months she was saying: up(u), down(d), book(bu), apple(she would eat an entire apple core and all while we were taking long walks!), ya, that(dat), this(dis), dada, mama, uh oh, all done (ah duh)

* She started taking 3-4 steps consistently(prior to that she was much happier crawling and cruising) on November 12 (15 months)

* Now at 16 months she is also saying: up please (up, peas), dance(dac), juice(juc), Cheese(chee), Hat(at) - she love to put anything on her head and say, "at"

* SHE LOVES TO SLEEP! If we don't lay her down at 6 or 6:30 pm she is a mess! And she will sleep until 8/8:30am. Fortunately Maddy has been walking out of their room quietly when she wakes up around 6:45 or 7am and Rose keeps on snoozing away which really helps us get the morning going and me to get my workout in!

* Down to one nap - she will usually sleep from 12p -3p.

* She is a little climber, but is much more careful than Maddy and usually asks for help to get dow (down).

* She is happy to play by herself (in that fun mischievous stage of taking things out of cupboards and hiding them other places in the house - not so fun when I really need that mixing bowl to make dinner - haha!

* She also loves to follow Maddy around and just do whatever she is doing. They really have started to play well together. I have learned that sometimes when I hear a frustrated squeal from the other room when I'm doing dishes, that I need to let them work it out. And they seem to have found a "peaceable" way to play together ---most of the the time :0)

*She nods her head vigorously when we ask her a question that the answer is "yes" and shakes it no too! It's so fun to see her express her opinion.

* She has a great attention span! THAT she did not get from me - Thanks Tim!

*Even though she is still itty bitty - she eats a ton. I swear she eats all day long!

Just met with their doctor for the first time here(very nice lady!)
Weight: 8kg (17.6 lbs) 9%
Height:  74.5cm (29 inches) 9%

LOVE this sweet girl. She is so calm, mild natured, easy going, happy, and loving!


Helen said...

Ah, I love it! I keep looking at those pictures and my brain says Maddy! No way can little Rosie be that big. But oh how time flies. Also love seeing some outfits I recognize! We miss you guys and think about you often! Violet still talks about her friend Maddy.

Sarah said...

Holy moley, how'd you get a child who sleeps so much?! :) She sounds like such a sweetheart. And smart idea to write everything down--they change so fast!

Miss Mommy said...

sweet girl! GREAT post!!!!

Danielle said...

She's so teeny tiny and dainty! I think Charlotte would eat her for lunch (my girl is far from dainty!). I love the paci story too. Crazy how fast things change from month to month. What a sweetie!