Monday, January 23, 2012

Menu Plan Monday (all meals with calorie counts)

Well, sad news- I GAINED a pound last week! Bluck. I didn't sleep well, so I only worked out 2x, and in turn just made some bad food choices. I felt like I was in a funk all week. Have you been there? Well, this is a new week and a new start (says my sweet husband :) - Sooo I worked really hard to enter all of these recipes(except those that already had nutritional info) into Livestrong to be sure I knew the calorie counts for each. Hope you can find them useful as well!

Monday- Chicken with Asparagus and red roasted peppers  and rice
(184 calories per serving without rice, 294 with 1/2 cup of rice)

I searched my blog and found the first time I made it was almost 3 years ago because I had the random ingredients lying around(asparagus, red roasted peppers, and chicken :)

Tuesday- Pioneer Woman's Sour Cream Noodle Bake. (333 calories per one cup)
See a pic of it here. I made this when Tim and Katie Barker were in town and they both seemed to really enjoy it :) Katie said that it was nice that the pasta/cheese/sauce was moist and not dry. We love it!

Wednesday- Chicken pot pie (430 calories per 1/4 of a 8x8 pan).
                 This one is totally worth the calories! Plus we don't have any other sides.

*Note - I made a bunch of changes because it turns out this recipe WAS 900 calories! So I cut the recipe in half and then used half and half (or single cream here) instead of double cream or heavy cream. I also used *light puff pastry sheet and since I cut the recipe in half I was only using half of the puff pastry.  I just use regular white onions, not pearl onions. I did not use crimini mushrooms, I used baby button because they were the cheapest. I also don't make the chicken broth by boiling all of those things - I just use pre-made chicken stock. That saved me a ton of time in chopping.

Thursday- Bacon, Tomato and Lentil Soup (237 calories per one cup), Bread

Friday- Mediterranean Chicken Wraps (217 calories per wrap), cucumber, feta, and tomato salad with olive oil and vinegar dressing

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Jessica Gardner said...

I think I'm in a funk this week! Your hubby is right - this is a new week! I get so down when I wake up monday morning and have gained a pound or two or three just over a weekend! But it's another week, and plunge ahead. thinking of you my dear friend!

Danielle said...

You and Tim are's a new week, and you can do it! I know it's SO hard! Your recipes look great. Enjoy them! :)