Thursday, March 15, 2012

R.L.B. is 18 months :)

Oh our sweet Rose Bud! I can't believe she's already 1 1/2 years old. She has certainly won the hearts of our family! She's endearing, lovable, thoughtful, snuggly, smart, and HAPPY :)

*Her language skills have really started taking of this past month. She's trying to copy words that we say now and is so proud of herself. She has a slew of words that she knows and uses them! I'm so glad too. There's not much more frustrating than a toddler screaming (for some unknown reason) and they can't tell you why. YAY for words :)

* She LOVES to dip her food into anything(humus, ketchup, dressing). As soon as I put food on her tray(it could be anything from a carrot to a piece of cheese) and she'll say, "dip dip," and repeat it until I give her something to dip her food in. It cracks us up!
Playing with a stick at the park. Looks a little like a "Harry Potter" stance to me :)

*She tries to count, but only comes out with Wun(1) Wee(3) Wun Wee, Wun Wee - over and over. She grins ear to ear and is so proud of herself. I love it!
This is with our friend Stacey. I love that she looks like such a big girl  here!
*Her new favorite toy is her baby doll stroller. From the minute she wakes up she is busy busy pushing that little stroller around. Now mind you, it seldom has a baby in it. It's contents are more likely to be a brush, toy, sippy cup, granola bar, or her favorite blanky.

Chasing Pigeons in Edinburgh. She has recently gotten her "toddler run" down. I just love it!
* Her all time favorite food is oranges - but unfortunately she gets a nasty diaper rash when she eats them :(  But when she can't have an orange, she'll take some baked beans(I know, weird right?!)

* She loves loves loves to eat! It's hard to believe for as tiny as she is, but this girl basically eats all day. She has several different ways that she will tell us that she is hungry:
#1 She'll climb up into her chair and say, "foo" (food)!!
#2 She'll open this low cabinet we have and pull out the crackers, raisins or granola bars and bring them to me to open. When I ask her if she wants to eat it she says loudly, "yea!'
#3 She will stand by the fridge door and yell, Peese!(please) as she tries to pry the door open with her little fingers.
* She will often run to me with open arms and when I kneel down and scoop her up she hugs me and lays her head on my shoulder. ahhh ... I tell you what, that will get you through a tough day!

* She loves to spin and dance with her sister to Princess music, but she does NOT like her sister to lead in the dancing- which totally annoys said big sister :)
But at the end of the day they are all hugs and snuggles.
* Whenever I come to Sunday School to pick her up after church, she runs with open arms to me saying, "mama!" squealing sweetly. I kneel down and she runs into my arms and gives me the best snuggle in the world!

* When Daddy come home from work she jumps and squeaks and spins shouting, "Dada! Dada!". She looks up at him with those BIG BLUE eyes and he can't help but give her whatever she wants :) This is her looking up at him asking him to read her a book - which of COURSE he did!

* She has gotten more spunky and has started to throw little fits when she doesn't get what she wants. She just melts to the floor and flails a bit. Sad to say, but it's pretty hysterical.

* She has also started to stand up for herself more with Maddy, which is great! I think Maddy is learning that she has to be kind and fair if she wants to co-exist well :)

* She is still as teeny as ever. She can still fit in this little back carrier and is happy to do so(well, most of the time).

We are just so thankful for you Rose Lillian Baylor! You truly are a blessing from the Lord and special gift to our family! We love you sweetheart!

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Danielle said...

I love love love the part about her counting, how she tells you she's hungry, and how she pushes the stroller with random objects around the house! What a fun age!