Monday, March 19, 2012

Preschool Quiet Time Ideas

In the past month or two I realized that Maddy wasn't getting in enough quiet time activities in a day. This girl loves to run, dance, jump, sing (just about anything but sit still ;) I really do love that about her because it's just like me-ha!

But I realized that I wanted to spend more some purposeful time(maybe jut 30-45 min) in our day where she and I did a quiet activity together, teaching her to sit still and focus for a period of time on a project as well as getting in some quality one on one time :). I am also hoping to work on her letters, number, shapes etc during this time.  It fits in best in our day when she wakes up from her nap and Rose is till snoozing. That way, she and I can do something a little more involved. I've come up with a pretty limited list of ideas(sometimes I mix a few ideas into one day).  But I would LOVE to hear some of your ideas :)

* painting (letters, numbers, shapes, pictures)
* glue/glitter

* Tea Party
* coloring books
* white board
* chalk board (can you tell I was a teacher?)
* baking/cooking
* play dough
* reading
* spreading shaving cream on the table and writing letters, numbers or shapes with our fingers
* puppet shows(we each did our own). It was much more fun than I thought it would be :)
* playing make believe with her ponies
* sorting colored beads
* puzzles
* threading beads on thick string

So does anyone else have any FUN ideas for me?


Renee said...

Love the sorting beads idea! :)
The only other things I thought of were magnet letters, pudding paint, doing specific crafts like making flowers for spring that you can decorate with, building with legos, puzzles-just a few thoughts:)

Jill said...

This website has a list of great activities that build fine motor skills:
Sydney is particularly weak in this area, so I am excited to try these ideas! Hope they are helpful for you too! Thanks for your ideas. I know at this age they soak up that quality one-on-one time. :)

Helen said...

Great ideas! Violet LOVES to pour things...give her a small pitcher or two and some water and she will spend ages pouring it back and forth. Also works with rice or beans.

Lacie said...

Wow! Great list, Julie! Sounds like a lot of fun.

Jessica Gardner said...

I need to be better with Carson about this too! Thanks for the good ideas! My only problem is landon sleeps way less than Carson (which is really annoying me) and Landon is super clingy so I dont' know how to concentrate on Carson easily. Although I do sometimes put them both in their chairs and give Landon a paint bruch and some water with construc. paper. that keeps him occupied for a little while. But he is needy :)