Thursday, March 08, 2012

#101 Maddy Says

* In a rental car with our friends the Barkers on our way to Inverness, Maddy shouted out, "It smells like poop in here! Mama - you need to to change Rosie's diaper!". The hilarious part is that Rose's diaper was clean. The car actually did smell like poop!

* After watching a "Diego" episode she said, "I wish I could be a chinchilla and have big ears to hear scary animals in the woods so they won't get me!"

* Rose had a stuffed animal that Maddy really wanted and we told Maddy that she needed to wait until Rose put it down and then she could play with it. Well as soon as we were out of sight we heard Maddy say to Rose, "Wosie! You can't come in hewre(into the bathroom) unless you give me that aminal!" We could not believe it! What a little briber!

* When I found Maddy's coloring book in the fridge, I asked her why she put it there and she told me, "So Rosie won't get it and rip it up" - well then girl - mission accomplished :)

* She will often say,  "Here's my deal: You drink the Coke all, then I drink the last sip".

* After evening prayer Maddy says to me: "Daddy, why did you pray for me to have a new heart?"
Tim: "That's what Jesus does for us, sweetie. He gives us a new heart to serve God and love others."
Maddy: [eyes widening] "I made a heart for YOU today, daddy. It was red and I put stickers all on it. And I'm gonna stick it right on your belly and you'll look just like a Care Bear!"
Tim: "Uh . . . "
Precious moments: 
*Maddy and I were watching "Tangled" together tonight when the song "Now I see the Light" came on (we both LOVE this song) and she grabbed my hands just as the two main characters held hands. Then she says, "Mom, lets hold hands and sing to each other". We sang the rest of the song holding hands looking at one another and smiling. I totally burst into TEARS! It was such a precious moment! Love that girl!

*Rose, Maddy and I were sitting up in the window sill watching for Daddy to come home from the office one day. We were playing the, "That's not my Daddy" game. It goes something like this: A woman walks down our street and we say, "That's not my Daddy, he's not a girl; he's a boy". Then Madison followed this statement up with, "Mom, your a gurwl, I'm a gurwl, and Wosie is a gurwl. Then with a very sad and concerned face, "But Daddy is NOT a gurwl! He's a boy! He needs us gurwls so he won't be alone!" It was just so precious!


pgh moms said...

love it. :)

Jessica Gardner said...

It sounds like you have such sweet girls! What a great family!
I hope you're surviving. The dead of "winter" darkness is almost over :)