Friday, January 12, 2007

Salvation is of the Lord

The morning after I could not sleep all night, I went to school(Wednesday)and I have to admit, I wasn't in the best of moods. I was tired and cranky. Well... every Wednesday at G.C.A. we have lower school chapel. That day Wes Kouba (seminary student) was preaching about the gospel.

He preached that:
1.)Jesus Christ is our God
2.)Jesus Christ is our peace
3.)Jesus Christ is our Salvation

**It was an AMAZING CHAPEL! He was so animated, thorough, and most of all... BIBLICAL! It was so great!

He told the kids that if they had any questions about the gospel to come and ask their teacher. Well, like I said, I was NOT looking to minister to the kids that day--sadly. But God's sovereignty outweighed my tiredness!

Three children came to me and asked me how to become a christian! I walked them each individually through the bridge tract (very good for kids!) and was able to lead them to the Lord!
Four other children made sure of their salvation and rededicated their lives to the Lord! Praise the Lord for working through and inspite of weak vessels!

It's not by strength, nor by power,but by My Spirit says the Lord!


journeyer said...

PRAISE THE LORD> that's awesome. He is so good, so faithful, and so mighty. Thank you Jesus!

Kristin said...

Praise the Lord!! See you in a few hours.

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jeileenbaylor said...

Hey girl... how is your weekend going?

Shawntay said...

Hey Julie,

Thanks for checking out my blog. Your a 4th grade teacher! I am too. It's been rough and I don't know if I'll be doing it another year. Oh well. I've been praying and I'm just not totally sure what the Lord has for me.

jade said...