Thursday, January 25, 2007

At Your Funeral

Tonight at care group, our Pastor, Brett Campbell spoke to us about our "Legacy". He asked us to list the top 3 things we would like others to say about us at our FUNERAL!

I have to admit, I just wasn't sure of what to say at first. I finally came to the following conclusions:

1.) That my words were seasoned with salt.
2.) That I loved eternal things and did not cling to the material things.
3.) That I fervently sought to study God's word in a deep and daily way.

I was shocked by my own answers! Could anyone say this about me NOW? Hmmm...
Something to mull on.

What would your top three be?

P.S. It's 1:45am and I just finished my grades for the 2nd :o)
I know this post says it is TRB a.k.a. Luthers stein, but it's actually me...
~ Jules ~


Amandaleann said...

Jules, Those are some good questions. I think that I would have to say that my three would be:
-Genuine love for God and Others
-Wholehearted Service to God and Others
-Sacrificial Giving to God and Others
It is really hard to narrow it down to just three

jeileenbaylor said...

Thanks for your honest and sincere answers amanda .
See you this friday at 7pm :o)

LMLogan said...

it was a great meeting - I think someone else said one I'd love to ues:
when I die people might not remember my name but remember the God I love!!

juliechall said...

That's a really good thought - I think one of my greatest desires is that people would see Christ in me - but that is such a huge thought. I guess it is like the Apostle Paul said - I haven't attained, but I press on to know Christ and to be like Him (even in suffering).

jeileenbaylor said...

Linds- I really loved that one too!

Jul- so true... we are Pressing on... very encouraging!