Sunday, January 14, 2007

It's Not All About Me!

Well, Yesterday was my 26th birthday. And for those of you who do not know me... my birthday is a huge deal to me! Growing up my family threw massive birthday parties for my twin sister and I as well as my brother (whose b-day was Jan 15th and is one year younger than us.)

Well, needless to say there is always so much anticipation leading up to my birthday. I would run like an excited school girl to the mailbox everyday, just to see if I had gotten another Birthday card!I got a card or a package almost every day! One day I didn't get either, so I BEGGED Tim to let me open the B-day present from him early --he eventually gave in and i opened it! He bought me a pair of leather J.crew slippers-- I love them!

The Friday before my birthday, my friends at G.C.A brought in my favorite:angel food cake and strawberries! I got a bunch of sweet cards from my students, and my co-teacher got me a subscription to "Light and Tasty"! That night a few of my seminary friends took me out to Panera and we had a little party for myself and Natalie Trach (her b-day is the 31st). We had a wonderful time together. I got coffee beans, Starbucks giftcards, a new pilates dvd(yahoo!), and two shirts :o)Thank you girls-- you're the best!

Well... it seemed like I was going to have the perfect b-day, until...

1.) I woke up early (couldn't sleep) and had shredded wheat by myself in the Living Room. I realized: It's not all about me.

2.) I ran out of gas on the way to the grocery store! Our gas gauge "Floats" so we never know exactly when we need gas. So I ran out of gas, pulled into Sentara (very near our house) and WALKED to the closest 7/11 with my little gas tank. We only have one car, so tim was not able to pick me up. Fortunately, I was able to get a hold of Dawn Mihelis (my dear best friend!) and she picked me up at the gas station and brought me back to my car. I was quickly reminded that it was not all about me!

3.) I used a new face mask about 30 min. before we were going to go out on the town.. no problem , right? WRONG! It turned my face BRIGHT RED for over 2 hours! I started crying to Tim and sadly said, " I don't want my face to be hot and red on MY BIRTHDAY!! sob sob sniff sob" --He so graciously ---LAUGHED at me! It's ok, I laughed too then, and quickly remembered: It's not all about me!

Fortunately, that night, once the red wore off, we were able to go to dinner with Dawn and Nate to the 219 Restaurant in Norfolk. We had a wonderful time enjoying our meal and the company! I will blog on that later though :o)

I guess God was trying to teach me to be a little less self-centered!


Laura said...

Happy Birthday Julie! Your post on your day made me laugh. I still hope you had a great day inspite of all the unexpected circumstances.
Love ya! Laura

suzanne Heckathorne said...

WOW...that's a birthday you won't forget for a while, huh??? Sensitivity was never one of Tim's strong points. I think I'd have punched him. :) I'm glad you had a good time at dinner with your friends and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Christine Cummings said...

Happy Birthday! Your new slippers look so cozy:)

jess said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed the 219 (despite your facial trauma)- they have a great margarita pizza!

PS - Hope you're having a great mlk day!

LMLogan said...

oh this is so funny!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! love ya!!

Dawn said...

We had a great time at the resturant; I think that I was still full the next morning! I will e-mail you the pictures tonight :-)

journeyer said...

Ok - first off I thought that someone made that huge cake for you. Then I realized that it said 3rd birthday - hahahah. very funny!

I am quite sorry to hear that you had so many bumps in your day. Birthdays ARE supposed to be special. :) Glad you saw a lesson to be learned. At least it made for a great post! Happy Birthday!

jeileenbaylor said...

Laura~ Glad I could make you laugh day still turned out great :o)

Suz~ Tim did eventually come around to the sensitivity thing. He played settlers with me 1 on 1!

Christine~ Thanks... My slippers are very cozy! I actually wear them in my classroom while I teach :o)

Thanks! Love you too girl

Jess~ Thanks again... I still had a great time! And my MLK day was wonderful too :o)

Dawn~ Thanks for comging! I had a fabulous time with you guys :o)

Kate~ Yes, at LEAST it made for a funny post :o)