Wednesday, January 10, 2007

If you can't sleep count sheep-- or make jewelry and blog :o)

If you can't sleep then get up and do something, instead of lying their worrying. It's worrying that gets you, not lack of sleep.
-Dale Carnegie

It use to be that I could fall asleep wherever /whenever.
Recently, I have been struggling to fall asleep when I want to!

It's 2:30am and I am still NOT TIRED! I know my body needs rest --- but i just get restless in bed! I even took some cough medicine with Vicodine in it... thinking it would knock me out, but it didn't even phase me! I was afraid I was going to wake Tim up at 1am, so I got up and made a 50 inch black necklace!!! Yes, I said 50 :o) I used up ALL of my black beads! I just figured I could wrap it around my head a few times for a different look.

Anyways, here I am now ... blogging.... you are probably reading this at a normal time of the day...wondering how I am making it through my school day with 20 kids hounding me every minute for something. Well, the TRUTH is, I am most likely head down on my desk, drooling on my books, with kids all around me trying to wake me up --or playing a joke on me- one of the two :o)

Well, guess I'll go do something productive and study for the Praxis!

Good night... and Good day!


Ben and Carissa said...

Hey Jules - We're doing good. We miss the ol' seminary days (not the work of course :)) often. It is so crazy to see where the Lord takes us!! Just think back to the dorm days sitting on the floor crying and wondering who we were going to marry - the old Tim and "that other dumb girl" sagga. Wow!! Nice ginger bread house. We had the SAME caving roof problem. We wanted a BIG house, but realized too late that we needed to support the roof somehow! O Well, now we'll know for next year. Love ya and miss ya. Hope you can get some sleep :)

jeileenbaylor said...

It is sooo nice to hear from you! Yes, I do remember those days of crying on the floor! You were such an encouragement to me! Remember the time we stayed up after the fire drill with Jenn A and ate snacks for like an hour ... how crazy!

Love you girl.

Anonymous said...

You poor thing, I have had a few nights like that, usually from drinking too much coffee too late in the day (doesn't that make me sound old?) Hope you make it through the day:)

jeileenbaylor said...

Thanks Christine... I actually didn't have any coffee... well decaf... but I guess that probably has a little caffiene.. oh well. I learned my lesson I guess. I'll head to bed early tonight :o)
p.s. That does not make you sound old!

journeyer said...

that was like the most discombobulated post. And what's with the ridiculous picts? Let me guess you googled "can't sleep" and that's what you came up with?

You're so crazy. Was this after eating the "Crispy Banana Caramel Cheesecake"? That might explain things...

jeileenbaylor said...

Kate-- What do you expect? It was 2 in the morning :o)

p.s. no cheesecake... i'm on weight watchers now :o)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jules! I wish I had your energy. I am so freakin' tired, but my lunatic children only sleep from 8-12 at night. You'd think that I'd go to bed at the same time they do so that I could get some rest, but NO. I stay up and do laundry and watch TV and junk like that. Oh well. It's my life and I love it (sometimes more than others). love you!

jade said...

cute pictures

jeileenbaylor said...

thanks jade :o)

jade said...

i have a surprise for you on tuesday!