Saturday, January 06, 2007

Prayer Requests and Praises

Praise - Over the break, my 22 year old brother josh, who has some mental disabilities, had a seizure and fell down the stairs at our farmhouse in PA. He went to the hospital for a day and a half and then they sent him home, having fully recovered! The only thing is that we do not know what is causing the seizures (he has had them before) and we would appreciate prayer that the Lord would keep him safe: working, driving, etc. Thank you!

Prayer - I am signed up to take the praxis I test on February 10th. The test will be from 8am - 12;30pm :O() The praxis is a series "Pre-Professional Skills Tests" used to obtain a state teaching license. Since we will be moving to Chicago this summer, (and Northland never required me to get licensed) I need to get my state license. That requires my taking the praxis I. The test is made up of 3 sub-tests: Reading , Writing, and Arithmetic. I have a 666 page study book from Barnes and Noble that I have to go through in a month (Do you think there is an omen with that 666 deal? --hope not!). Anyways, I am most nervous about the Math section. There will be Algebra and Geometry.... and needless to say, I suck at Math! Fortunately I am a little more confident in the Reading and Writing sections, so I should be able to focus more on the Math. If you could just pray that I would be consistent in my studying for the next month and do well on the test in February, I would greatly appreciate it :o)

Prayer- I went to Patient First at 8am Saturday morning after having a soar throat and cough for a week. They told me that I had Bronchitis and on top of that... Pink Eye :O() I guess that is one of the many "Joys" of being a teacher. I am taking it easy, and taking like four different medicines : eye drops, antibiotics, cough medicine, and an inhaler. Sooo hopefully it is no big deal and the meds will do there job. Thanks for praying though!

II Thessalonians 1:3- We ought always to thank God for you, brother , and rightly so, because your faith is growing more and more, and the love everyone of you has for each other is increasing.
Thank you for your love and prayers!


Anonymous said...

hey when it rains it pours...not only do you need to study like crazy - you get to do feeling crappy!!
if you need help in math give me a call - it's my favorite subject! :)

we're praying for you!! you'll do great!! (hey, God got me thru my test, He'll get you thru too)

jess said...

Poor Julie, how misserable! I hope it all passes quickly.

That is a SERIOUS study book! I suck at math too - but I'm sure your diligence will pay off! Good luck!

jeileenbaylor said...

Hey girls--thanks for the sweet thoughts and prayers. You're great!

Linds--I just may need some tutoring :o)

journeyer said...

julie, it seems like i just saw you and you were fine... craziness. i hope you get better soon and stay on top of your studying. Maybe next saturday am, we can get coffee and hit the books?

jeileenbaylor said...

Kate-- I know... i just thought I had a cold when I saw you last. Oh well... I would love to get together for studying and coffee... next Sat. is my b-day-- so maybe another time :o) I'm up for some evening when tim is at work. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you're feeling a little better today when I talked wth you. We're praying for you. You'll do fine on your test. Looking forward to getting together tonight.