Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Primacy of the WORD

Recently I have been reading through the "One Year Bible" with comments by Macarthur. I have really been enjoying my study. Periodically, he places a small paragraph concerning some issue of importance or to clarify something that was somewhat ambiguous. Then at the end of each reading he will have a longer comment section, about one to two paragraphs long, again explaining some theological or doctrinal issue in a more in depth fashion. It was really caused me to think through some issues that I would not have otherwise thought about. You should think about trying to get something like this if you don't have one already :O)

Today I was reading in Psalm 19:7-14. I was so impressed with the passage! David is writing about the benefits and blessings of the law.

Law of the Lord ---- Perfect (converting the soul)

Testimony of the Lord ----- Sure (making wise the simple)

Statutes of the Lord ---- Right (rejoicing the heart)

Commandments of the Lord ---- Pure (enlightening the eyes)

Fear of the Lord ---- Clean (enduring forever)

Judgments of the Lord ---- True and Righteous (more to be desire than GOLD, SWEETER than
the honey and the honeycomb!)
He goes on to state that:
BY them I am warned and in keeping them there is great reward!

In vs. 12 David asks to be forgiven for secret faults.
In vs. 13 He asks to be kept from presumptuous sins.

~ He begs that these things would NOT have DOMINION over him! --What a challenge!
HE ends the section by the following familiar verse (it was so neat to see the context!)

Psalm 19:14
" Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be accptable in your sight O Lord my strength and my redeemer."

I was so challenged to allow the word of God to penetrate my life completely. David treasured the word. He lived for it and by it. I need to do the same. As I do that, I believe like David, that I will come out with an honest hatred for sin and a true and passionate love for a God-ward life that glorifies our Maker and Sustainer, Jesus Christ!

Praise God for His precious and Holy Word!


smlogan said...

are you preaching, or teaching?
jk...kind of; ha!

Dr. R. Wright Baylor said...

Wonderful thot Jules. Our God delights in revealing our need in such a way as for us to desire to change that we might please him more.

jeileenbaylor said...

Logan... what's wrong with a little bit of teaching/preaching? Afterall, you guys are always saying that we are too petty and shallow, so I just decided to dive right in... if you had real blog, then I could post something mean on yours, but I guess I'll just have to comment back on my own...ha!

jeileenbaylor said...

It's so good to see you in the blogging world :o) This is such a good way to communicate and keep up with one another!

Love you,

Shannon said...

Julie, I'm using the same Bible. Stephen and I have been discussing the passages we're reading together. It's been a blessing to be able to interact on the same passages, especially in such a busy time of life. Thanks for the reminder!

Shannon said...

p.s. It's okay to preach if it's on your blog. :)

jeileenbaylor said...

Thanks for the encouragement shanon :o)

LMLogan said...

hmmm...good advice, I'll have to look into it - see if Scott has it!!