Sunday, March 05, 2006

This is a pic. of my dear husband and I last weekend, when some friends were over playing... of course "Settler's of Catan" :o) Can I say that I love him more each day? We have known one another since 8th grade; we were arch enemies then. That us until I punched him in the mouth...oops...not the best decision of my life. After that we became friends for a few years, then best friends for a few years, then we dated for a few years, then he dated someone else for about a year ...ughhh...then we dated again, then we were engaged! AND NOW we're MARRIED! Yahooo :o) I love being married, especially to this guy. He's just amazing! He is, by and for God's grace, my rock. For those of you who know me well, I can be flightly and certainly at times, yes, I'll say it.... moody :o)... But he is so steady, loving, and faithful for me. He has been a wonderful leader in our home for the last almost 3 year of marriage.

Shirt or no Shirt?
That is the question!
This next section is primarily for seminary wives, but really could be applicaple for any wife, or daughter for that matter.... any women under SUBMISSION...yup I said the dreaded word, submission :o) It can be such a source of frustration and yet such source of blessing and an umbrella of protection all at the same time.

Well, it all started when I went to Hecht's this weekend for their amazing 80% off Winter Clearance sale. It was so great! I was looking all around, piling clothes into my arms to try on, knowing full well that we really didn't have the money to buy ANYTHING right now. You see, I had just gotten my very first speeding ticket the night before...YIKES! :O()

Anyways, I had narrowed it down to one shirt that I liked. For those detail oriented girls, it was long-sleeved, blue, white and green paisly. It had a collar and it snapped down the front. It was sweet. It was only seven dollars, with all of the discounts so I figured I could call and talk him into it. We have a "Don't buy until you call " policy. Mostly because I think I would be an impulsive buyer otherwise :o) Then I picked out a cool yellow collared dress shirt for HIM, you know, to soften the blow of my purchase . You may be thinking, what is the big deal, the shirt is seven bucks... but don't forget my big speeding ticket, plus we had both just gone to the dentist and we are also trying to pay off the last few payments of a couch we had gotten for our office. Well, needless to say, I called him up and after much thought and considerate; he always WANTS me to have what I WANT.... but he said, " No, I think we need to start making little choices like these that will keep our budget fit."

MAN! what in the world! It was $7, what's the huge deal!? I have to be honest, that is what I was thinking. But fortunately, the Lord was gracious and a NBBC prospective seminary wife was with me at the time shopping. I knew it was my opportunity to be an example Jamie. So I swallowed my pride, still feeling a bit frustrated inside, and walked out of the store, yes.... empty handed! I was still having a bit of a hard time with it when Jamie said to me, "You know, that was really good for me to see. I know that I will probably be in situations like that and I have to trust that the Lord will supply all of my needs, even the physical ones."

She was so right! So the question is, am I willing to let the shirt go... for good (no more begging or hinting) in order to let God do a greater work of grace through my small, yet eternal sacrifice? God's grace is amazing! He has taken away the NEED to have that shirt. Instead, I have found my self HUNGRY for what will last, for those blessings that are eternal.


Shannon said...

Thanks for your transparent blog. I think we've all been in those situations before. It was a good reminder nonetheless to be sensitive when our husbands say no...when they really want to say yes to us. :) It was easier to save $$ at NBBC where there was nowhere to shop!

jeileenbaylor said...

Thanks Shanon. I was really debating whether or not to share my struggle, but then I figured I have learned so much from others sharing theirs. I mean that is what the Christian life is all about right.

p.s. You are right about NBBC, but I would trade the struggle any day :o)

LMLogan said...

uuhh ok julie... that was not what I needed right now - or more it was EXACTLY what I needed.
I know we talked about this friday but it hit me a little harder today...
Sunday afternoon we had a submission battle...a bit more heated... but it was resolved. Then Sunday night the message was on submission and obedience... and then today this... "Ok Lord I get the picture!" :) ha!! guess He's working w/ me on this as well.
Glad to see I'm not alone!

jeileenbaylor said...

It's soooo hard, but sooo good. Isn't it linds?
Love you,
Keep fighting the good fight :o)

suzanne said...

Hey Julie - I know I can relate to that!! We moved into our apt. in October and I have been wanting Ryan to paint these drab walls ( I would do it myself, but he's the expert and wont let me) but he has not wanted to spend the money to paint an apt. that we will be moving out of in a year. It was so hard for me not to nag him about it. I wanted some color so bad, but I did understand why he didn't want to. Well, instead of stomping my feet and pouting like I really wanted to, only in a more grown up fashion, I decided to get over it and live in this cream colored prison. Okay, I am being a bit dramatic, but I really love color. Anyway, I let it go. It's been four months and Ryan came home the other day and said, "lets go get some paint!! We are painting the apt.!" Whoo hoo, I was bursting from within. My moral is not - if you respond right you'll always get what you want. We know that isn't true - you didn't get your shirt! But when I do respnd right I receive so many Blessings simply from obeying the Lord - weather I get my way or not. Anyway, it was good to hear your struggle and know I am not the only one!

jeileenbaylor said...

So great to hear from you hon! Thanks for your response. It was such a blessing to know that I am not alone in my struggle against and for submission. Thank you for your story! I love color too :o)

p.s. How and what is Ryan doing right now? Has he finished seminary? Are you still working with the ...young married... was it? I would love to hear what is going on with you.
Tim is taking about 11 credits adn will be finished next may. He is teaching Bible part time at the school I teach at. It is so fun! I am in my third year of teaching fourth grade and loving that as well. I would love to hear how things are for you.

suzanne said...

Hey Julie,
NO, ryan is not finished with seminary yet. We still have a long road ahead of us. We actually just moved in October to Canton, MI, 20 miles away from Inter City. Ryan is the youth pastor at Harvest Bible Church now!! We are enjoying our new ministry and are experiencing God in many ways.

jeileenbaylor said...

Thanks suz. It's great to see God doing a great work in and through you both. We miss you!