Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Top Ten Things I say to my Fourth Graders:
1. You are being rude right now!
2. I am not responsible for your things.
3. All eyes on ME!
4. Please stop that(talking, fooling around etc) right now!
5. Pick your head up off of your desk; am I that boring?!
6. Get your finger out of your nose!
7. Walk in a straight line behind me please.
8. CAN you or MAY you?
9. LISTEN carefully to the words that are coming out of my mouth.
10. Thank you for saying thank you!
*That's pretty much what I say over and over again ALL DAY :o)


LMLogan said...

what a hoot!! that's what I say all day too (but in my head since I can't say it to my co-workers) :)

jeileenbaylor said...

yea, I hear you lindsay :o)
Sometimes it feels good to say it out loud and then other times I just feel like screaming if I have to say it ONE more time :o)

Laura said...

Oh I love it! That's great!I can totally picture you saying to some kid "you are being rude right now!" I totally understand. For my junior high and high schoolers I would always do this: point to myself and say "Teacher".. . and then to them "students." They needed to be reminded like every day that they weren't in charge.

jeileenbaylor said...

Laura - I love that! I totally need to use that trick :o)

journeyer said...

That's great! I could hear the "walk in a straight line behind me." Just one day, I would love to follow you around Julie!

Marie said...

Now times that by 800 and you'll know how much I have to say that to ALL my classes!