Friday, March 17, 2006

I am coaching the girls 6th - 10th grade (jv) soccer team at GCA. I have really been enjoying it. We won our first scrimage against a varsity team 10 to 0 :o) --Which if you remember our team last year... is quite amazing! I am looking forward to the season with these 16 middle school and highschool girls. I am trusting the Lord will provide ministry with them as well.


Lacie said...

Yipppeeee!!! Go Gator Soccer Team!

P.S. I still say we set up coffee cans!

LMLogan said...

ooohhh coffee always sounds good!! :) I'll come if you have that!! hehehe...

julie I'm so proud of you and I'm sure your godly, energetic personality will really reach these kids!!

Shannon said...

Good to see you too last night. I'll be praying that you'll have lots of opportunities with these girls. It's a good accountability program for exercise! :) Stephen loved the chance he got to coach the CC team at Northland..there's nothing like it.

jeileenbaylor said...

lacie... go for it girl. I would love to see what the fans would do :o)

Lindsay.. thanks hon. I am really excited about the opportunity. You'll have to come out to a game ...There are some on saturdays at 12pm :o)

Shanon -- yes, accountability with running has been so good for me! And those younger girls just never run out of energy! It's crazy!

journeyer said...

After seeing "She's the Man" tonight. I was like gung ho about playing soccer. You should watch that with the girls! It totally psyched me up! I am going to start running every day, playing on Saturdays, and I am going to join an adult "fun" league.

Okay - so i won't actually do any of those things. But that's how I felt! ha:)