Sunday, February 26, 2006

Settler's of Catan:
my new favorite!

Settler's of Catan has become my new favorite game! It is a board game that is a mix between Risk and Monopoly. It takes about 1-2 hours to play, but it is such a blast! I think I like it so much because it's one thing that I actually have a chance at beating Tim at :o) Although, I have to sadly admit that he beat me for the first time last weekend!

These are a few of our friends from the area that we play with. They are such great people! In the top left picture is Mr.and Mrs. Jennings. They are the parents of Amanda Jennings (bottom right). They were visiting from Iowa for a few days. In the top right is Natalie Trach, her baby Allie, and Dawn Mihelis.

The next picture down on the left is Katie Barker and her husband Tim Barker, along with Scott Logan and his wife Lindsay Logan.
On the right is Tim, Natalie, Dawn Mihelis, and her husband Nate Mihelis.

Sweet Amanda Jennings, my college friend, and her fiance, Garrett Lee are in the bottom right pic. And last, but certainly not least, is my dashing husband Tim in the bottom left picture. He's so hot, isn't he?


journeyer said...

ohhh... this game was super fun. We should play again very soon. Maybe you can bring it over to our house - and we can finally have you over!

jeileenbaylor said...

kate... I would love to come over to your house soon :o) Thanks for the invite!
p.s. I was up until 1am this morning working on this page ..hee hee

LMLogan said...

so bad julie!! you ARE addicted!! :)

btw: I loved that game!!
(fyi - Lindsay is "ay" not "ey")hhehhehehe...

Lacie said...

Great blog, Julie, and great pictures too!

Laura said...

Tim and Julie!!!! SO good to hear from you guys! This blogging stuff is new for me too. . . and I love it! Its a great way to keep in touch and I look forward to visiting your site often! Julie, your haircut is so cute! And Tim. . .Luther's Stein. . . truly a most creative name! I look forward to reading it also. Take care guys. Love you.

TwoMuths said...

Wow, it's great to see pictures of fellow NBBC-ers! Good to see our friends still get opportunities to hang out together!!! We just recently were introduced to this game, and it is more fun than well, the proverbial barrel of monkeys. (which if you think about it, might not be all that much fun...)

Miss you!
The Muths

jeileenbaylor said...


great to hear from yo :o)
Glad to know things are going well!