Tuesday, May 29, 2012

She said. She said.

Well, I use to just do "Maddy says"  - but Rose has been talking so much lately and saying the funniest things, that I had to share some of what each of our quirky girls are saying! These have been documented over the last month or two. I'm so glad to have some time to sit down and share them! I sure don't want to forget a single one of them as they grow out of these silly stages so quickly ;)

Rose Says: 
* If she spills something or wipes her nose on MY shirt, she says, "oh Boy! Mess!"
* I handed her a pear to eat and she poked her finger into a brown spot(which squirted juice everywhere) and she said, "oh poop!"
* She likes to give a commentary on things that go around her, "that hot", "that cold", "that manny(Maddy) shoe"
* One day we were walking up the steps to our front door after being out for the morning, and Rose walked right up to our neighbors door (very near to ours because it's like a duplex) and she started knocking on the door saying, "Broadie! Broadie!" Broadie is our neighbor's dog. haha!
*When Maddy does something that looks fun she said, "et tu?" which  means, "me too?"
* If she wakes up and Tim has already gone, she'll say, " I wan dada"
* When She see's Tim for the first time after a long day, she will hug him and say, "I miss you!" She says it in this sweet little voice that always makes Tim and I giggle :)

* One day, she woke up from her nap before Maddy(that usually doesn't happen!) But she was so wanting to play with Maddy that she snuck into our room where Maddy was sleeping on our bed and yelled 3x "Ake up Manny!(Wake up Maddy!) -somehow Maddy didn't wake up!

Maddy Says: 
* When I told her that I was heading out to go spend some time with my friends, she said, "I have an idea(with her pointer finger up) -you can go see your friends for 1 min, then you can come right back here to me!"
* "Mom, I'm drinkey - can I have some water?"
* One night for evening prayers she said to God, "Thank you for mom and dad and ME - and I wold love it if you would make a rainbow again!"
* After I had royally burnt some popcorn, she said, "When I get big and look like a grown up, I will never make popcorn black -I will make it white and yummy!"
* While she was sitting on the potty looking at the bath tub she said (with a horrified look on her face), "The other last day I peed in the bath and I didn't jump out, I stayed in there and then swimmed
 around in it!"
* She still calls McDonalds, "Old Mcdonalds" and I almost never correct her because I love it so much :)
* We put on some temporary tattoos and she kept calling them "tutu's" - it was so sweet.
* When I showed her a picture of Tim and I on our wedding day she said, "Oh mom (with a gasp) you look like a Princess! When I get to be a grown up like you, can I wear a white dress and marry Daddy and he can wear a black coat?"

~~~We've had about a week of 65 degree, sunny weather here in Aberdeen and took full advantage of being outdoors soaking up the sun! But now we're back to the high 40's low 50's again. Trying to just be thankful that we got some sun and putting jackets back on to get out to the park. 


Katie Barker said...

Oh I love it! Maddy is hilarious. You must love it when she adores you both so much wanting you to only be gone for one minute and wanting to marry her daddy in a black coat! too sweet.

Leah Elizabeth said...

so so cute!

Lisa Patterson said...

Had some good laughs with this post - so, so sweet! Miss you lots sister!

cranny + b said...

so adorable and fun. I try to keep a running journal on my boys too, I know I won't regret it. Your girls sound like they are just the sweetest ever. So glad that you have them : )

JordanandSue said...

So adorable! My favorite is Maddys bath confession.. Haha!!

Danielle said...

I love the pics of Rose in that pink dress....especially the beach one. She looks like such a girly girl! And I seriously laughed out loud at Maddy's comments....the friends visiting one, the popcorn.......and the tub. OMG!! Makes me look forward to when Char starts to talk. Last night she finally started saying "ru ru" after I tried to teach her what a dog says. This might be the start of language. We'll see. :) Sweet sweet girls!

Jessica Gardner said...

I was dying laughing reading thsoe - I'm sure it is so much better for you guys! So funny!