Monday, May 07, 2012

Menu Plan and family pics!

What an absolutely wonderful time we have been having with family around! Tim's sister joined his parents this past weekend, so it's like a party around here :0)

Tim and I are sleeping in the same room as the girls - so that's been interesting! We found out that Rose wakes up several times a night with 2 sharp scream/cries and then flops around a bit before she falls back asleep- weird!

But, we're totally loving the time with everyone and Maddy and Rose are enjoying all of the extra snuggles, kisses, presents, and CANDY!

Everyone heads out Thursday morning to spend a few days in London before flying out. We're so going to miss them!

Our meals for this week:

Monday- Mexican Baked Chicken - I'm basically following this recipe, but putting lime instead of lemon and cumin, cayenne, and oregano instead of thyme. We'll see how it goes :)
Tuesday - Fajitas, guacamole - we never got to it last week!
Wednesday- Grilled chicken over salad
Thursday- Sour Cream Noodle Bake
Friday- White Chicken Chili, bread

Find more recipes at Orgjunkie

Here's a few pics of our time with family :)

Feeding Poppee a bottle! We got the pleasure of celebrating his birthday here in Scotland last week!

Walking to church

The girls like to be wherever Nana and Poppee are!

Suz at her first castle!

Tim, his dad and his sister

The girls in their new outfits from Auntie Suzanne :)


April Lou said...

Love White Chicken Chili. It is 90 plus degrees every day and I would still eat it! You have a nice blog!

Katie Barker said...

Love the family pictures. So glad you've been able to share this special time (and place) of your life with them