Monday, September 26, 2011

We made it!

I am have a few moments online at the University library. Tim was sweet and put the girls down for a nap for me while I stayed and connected with "the outside world" :) We made it in on Thursday morning and spent a few awful days dealing with jet lag, but we are all feeling much more normal now. 

We should get internet at our place this Thursday as well as access to cheap international calling. I can't wait! Things have gone well our first few days here. The weather has been gorgeous, sunny and cool! Our flat is even nicer than the pics. We are having fun settling in as a family. I don't have a dryer or dishwasher-so that's interesting! So no one better ask me what I'M doing while Tim is at school :) 

We share a garden with a sweet older couple who owns chickens and a large black lab named Brodey(can't you hear the r rolling in your head?). They allow us to gather eggs-which is so nice! They taste so fresh too! The second night we were here, Maddy woke up at 2am and asked me if we could wake up the chickens to say hello to them :)
View of the Church's dome across the street from us. This is our view from our living room window!

The girls at ASDA (like walmart)

The park is just down this hill

Here is a link to an album of pictures that I uploaded to Facebook if you are not a member (Suz D :)
 Thanks to everyone for your love and prayers!


kellyH said...

wow, I can hardly believe this adventure is really happening for you! You're going to be able to experience so many unique things! Though I know it will be so hard to be so far from family & friends, praying that God gives you peace thru your transition.

Rachel said...

So good to hear you made it safely and are beginning the adjustment and adventure! Praying for you all. And sending lots of USA love your way :)

Danielle said...

So exciting!!! Glad you all made it safely. Can't wait to read about all the adventures that await you. When does Tim start classes?

suzanne said...

HA! Thanks for the link and thinking of poor facebookless me! Glad you made it, glad you are settling in. Miss you, Dearie!