Friday, September 16, 2011

We Have a Flat!

Well, it was quite the process, but the Lord has provided us an apartment (flat) in Aberdeen. Our new address is: 25 Church Street, Woodside, Aberdeen, AB24 4DQ :) :) :)

Here is a link to pics of the new place. I am getting so excited now! God has been so faithful to provide everything we need every step of the way! I'm not going to lie. I was really beginning to stress about not having a place to live and started to doubt the goodness of God. But He reminded me again that HIS timing is best. HE is so good!


Beth said...

Awesome! God's timing is always amazing. Will it ever be what we want or expect?! It's crazy that times like these remind us of His goodness and then in a while down the road we doubt again. We are silly people. I'm so thankful that you have a place and know where you are going! I loved looking over the specs of your new place. It looks, cozy, cute, interesting lines, clean, big enough, and modern The wording of some of the features was so funny : You even have "a shared drying green. Exclusive coal cellar. " haha... what's that?!

suzanne said...

yay! You have a flat - a pretty cool one at that! I'm so excited for you guys. What room will I be staying in when I come and visit? Oh, who am I kidding... I'd sleep in the bathtub if I had too!

JordanandSue said...

What an awesome answer to prayer!!! So happy for you guys- praying for you!