Monday, September 05, 2011

Quick Update

Friday, August 26th - Tim's mom and sister came to pick up the girls in Chicago and bring them to PA so we could finish packing and cleaning. The girls hardly seemed to miss us and did great (praise the Lord!). BIG shout out to Tim's parents and sister and her family for caring for our girls for 6 days and driving in the care with them for 12 hours!!!!

Monday, August 29th - some sweet friends from church threw a little good bye party for us. I of course cried (but I had been crying probably 3x a day for the past month, so that was nothing new :)

Tuesday, August 30th - dear friends came to help us pack up our moving truck and clean our condo before our walk through at 9pm. Yes, CLEAN! Aren't my friends the absolute best?! Yes, the answer is yes! 

Wednesday, August 31st - We met Ryan and Kelly at 7am for breakfast before heading off to PA with all of our worldly possessions in a 16 ft. Uhaul truck. We had such a nice time with them - but yes, more tears! The ride was so weird (but nice) with no kiddos :) We almost didn't know what to do with ourselves! We arrived into Bellefonte around 8:30pm PA time and had a few minutes of a joyous union with Maddy before we started unloading the truck. Poor girl just kept asking for us to hold her! I gave in after a while and just sat down and snuggled her - so sweet! We got the truck half unloaded that night (thanks to my dad, tim's dad, my brother, tim's sister, mom and brother in law),

Thursday, September 1st - We finished unpacking the truck , returned it and got on the road for MA by 1pm. We arrived at my sister Jen's house at 8:30pm I think. We chatted for a bit and all went to bed. 

Friday, Sept 2nd - Sunday, Sept 4th - we spent with Tim and Katie Barker as well as Dawn, Nate, Noah and Sophie Mihelis. It was such a great time catching up with dear friends and seeing the church plant that they are starting there in Somerville. God is really doing a great work in and through each of them and we are so excited to see it unfold and to know how to better pray for them now that we were there!

Sunday, Sept 4th - Wednesday Sept. 7th - We are chilling with my sister, her husband and their three girls. Just wanted to hug them all one more time before we head overseas. They are a pretty cool family. 

Wednesday Sept. 7th - We drive back to PA to spend time with our parents and siblings before we FLY OUT of Philly on Sept 21st. We have a night flight starting at 6:15pm.

So thankful for our many dear friends and family members we have been able to spend time with and trusting the Lord for each next day, each next step. 


Suzanne said...

Wow! I'm tired just reading all of that. I can't believe you did all that driving. I bet you're glad to relax a bit. Also, so glad you got a night flight. I hope the girls sleep a lot for you (benadryl, anyone?)
I miss you and love you, Friend!

kellyH said...

can't believe how close it is! it's been a crazy time for you for sure. anything new in housing? praying for you as you make this transition and that girls continue to do so great thru all the chaos! :) hugs!