Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dunnottar Castle

Yesterday it was a gorgeous day here in Scotland: 65 degrees and sunny with a strong wind blowing near the sea. We decided that before Tim had to officially report for school on Monday that we should see a castle together as a family. We chose Dunnottar Castle, which is only a 30 minute drive from our house and what a lovely drive it was! The road took us along the coast of the North Sea. 

We kept ooohing and aahhing as we turned around each bend in the road. The views were breathtaking-rocky cliffs that jutted against the sea, lush green hills with sheep and cows lazily grazing -all against the backdrop of a bright blue sky and a few white puffy clouds!  The castle began to come into view from probably a mile or two away. It's on an island that juts out into the sea.
 What a stunning silhouette on the horizon!


Maddy running ahead on the path as an older gentlemen head back from his visit

Isn't it amazing? We had a to walk the entire way down that path to the left and then up stairs to get to the castle. Quite the workout, especially when you are each caring a child. This is when I am thankful ours are little :)

Maddy was yelling, "Castle"! Although, she was very disappointed that there was no princess in this castle. 

The view of the sea from inside of the castle

The Baylor family in front of the castle. Can you believe this view?!

Afterwards we went into town and had our first Fish and Chips. Apparently  it's scandalous to visit Stonehaven and not have the fish. It really was pretty amazing!

Here is the link to the rest of the pics in the facebook album here.


Helen said...

Love love love this. Especially Maddy and the Scottish gentleman. Brings back wonderful memories of our time over there. Missing you all lots! Helen

Jessica Gardner said...

Love your new blog look - very fitting. and love the pictures!

kellyH said...

amazing! I cracked up about maddy's disappointment in no princess. :)

juliechall said...

These pictures are fantastic! You guys look great :)