Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday!

Well, the morning started out with homemade monkey bread. I haven't made that since college, with Carissa and Jennifer!  It brought back some good memories :o)

Then we enjoyed a wonderful service at church and had the opportunity to go out with two other couples from our 20 something sunday school class. There names are Same, Kim, Rachel, and Adam. Kim and Rachel are both teachers so we had plenty to talk about.  We had such a nice time with them!  It was the first time we had gone out with anyone new here in the area, so that was nice.  We are hoping to continue to develop relationships within our church body.


After lunch, we came home, cleaned up a little before our guests arrived for the Super Bowl : Scott, Lindsay, Gary and Jamie.  We had a great time together just spending time together... and oh ... watching the game.  Even I have to admit that the last few minutes were good!
Jamie and Lindsay hanging out talking

Meatball subs :o)

Gary and Jamie
Scott and Lindsay (and baby Logan)
Tim and I

The Giants win!


Kristin said...

Looks like you all had a great time! We miss your parties.

Don & Katrina Hines said...

Yummy! Monkey bread! =) Sounds like a great time! I was quite shocked with the outcome, Don and I had our hopes on the Patriots, but life goes on. I just really wanted to be able to SEE history being made with a perfect season! It was a great superbowl game, though! Most of the time, they are so one sided!

Love the snow pics from the previous post! I sure do miss it! I know, you probably would love to share, but I am envious of your Northern living! Maybe someday the Lord will move us back that direction!

Love you!

Karis said...

I agree with Katrina -- the monkey bread looks wonderful. I haven't made that in forever.

I too was cheering for the Pats so at the end of the game, I told my mom, "Well, at least I got some laundry folded."

LMLogan said...

we had a blast!!! thanks for the awesome party!! :) (hope you didn't get stuck in the snow today!)