Friday, February 15, 2008

Pray for Lindsay and Scott

Last week Lindsay went to the hospital unexpectedly for some intestinal problems. She ended up getting surgery and staying a total of four days (at $250 a day, that's not cheap!). She and the baby are healthy, she is just recovering now. She got home on Sunday evening. She has to be on bed rest for 7-10 days (minimum). Fortunately her mother came to visit for over a week (Sunday - Tuesday). Also, Scott is at home taking care of her.

Please pray that she will recover quickly and not be in too much pain. Also, she gets paid hourly and is not getting paid for her work she is missing! As well, her job just contacted her and wants to change her hours all around to nights and weekend (since she will be having the baby soon anyways, they said).They are not sure what they want to do about everything. It's hard for her to even think about it right now.
I know that Scott and Lindsay would covet your prayers for health, and also finances.


suzanne said...

Praying. I cannot imagine how stressful that is for them. God will provide for them somehow. Give them our love and please let them know we are praying for Lindsay's full, and quick recovery.

jeileenbaylor said...

Thanks suz... I will definely let them know that you are thinking of them and praying for them.