Saturday, February 09, 2008

Restaurant Review #1

Tim and I decided to try a restaurant near our house tonight called Ted's Montana Grill. 
This was funny in light of the fact that the seminary Tim is attending is called: "TEDS:Trinity Evangelical Divinity School"
We were pleasantly surprised at the atmosphere, service, and food.  We had to laugh when we saw this bison head behind our table.  I just had to get a picture. 
The atmosphere was casual, but very nice.  Dimly lit with individual lights at each table.  We had waited for about ten minutes, so when we got a table, the manager came over to us, greeted us and apologized personally (very refreshing!).  She immediately brought us out their starters: they served warm sweet bread with whipped butter and a side of homemade pickled cucumbers (very tasty!)I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich with cheddar cheese, mushrooms and bacon.  It was excellent!  The manager told us that the chicken is marinated for 36 hours before being cooked: very juicy!  I got a baked sweet potato on the side. It was covered with brown sugar and cinnamon.  

Tim ordered the bison burger with barbecue sauce, cheese and bacon. He got the side of fries. The manager also shared that the fries were cut and fried fresh and the bison is much leaner and healthier than the regular beef burger. He very much enjoyed it; although he said next time he might go with the regular burger :o)
All in all, it was a wonderful experience. We were also pleased to find out that they are very environmentally friendly. They use biodegradable straws, to-go containers (made out of corn!), and even have recycling bins on site.  Ted's Montana Grill has locations around the Mid-West and East Coast -- ironically, however, they do not have a location in Montana!

 It was so nice to try something new in the area. It is located only about 7 minutes from our house, so again, ANYONE WANT TO VISIT?


Katie Barker said...

How were the prices? Would you go back?

jeileenbaylor said...

Oh right, good questions. The prices for main meals ranged from $8- $16. We would definitely go back, especially with friends :o)

jess said...

Hey girl, have you been busy or what! Glad to hear that you were able to hook up with some couples from you class - sounds like a good time. And it seems your class is keeping you on your toes ;) Hope you are enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

G and I would love to come for a visit!!!! It sounds like a great place. Thanks for sharing :)
Amanda Lee

Don & Katrina Hines said...

I just thought about this, Don and I were going to try making it to the counseling conference again this year, but were unable to make it. If so, I might have been able to hook up with you, since the location of the conference is a mere hour or so from Chicago-land! I'll have to keep that in mind, since we're planning on going back next year, hopefully! I would love to see your new joint and sight-see with the amazing Baylors!

jeileenbaylor said...

Oh my word Kat! That would be awesesome! Let me know if you plan it next year... we could take you into the city!