Monday, February 11, 2008

One down --a BUNCH more to go!

Well, I finished my first graduate class as of last Tuesday! I really enjoyed the class. It was called "Foundations of Education". It was actually very interesting!  We were required to right papers on various subjects(boy crisis, religion in education, history of Pestalozzi, Acelerated Schools Project ), which really allowed me to dig a little deeper and figure out what my position is on certain subjects. Usually each of us in my cohort (11) researched a different topic and then shared them with the class.  It was very interesting! 

So I start my next class tomorrow night. It is called "Foundations of Integrative Thought". It looks promising as well. The only bummer is that it runs Tuesdays and Thursdays from February 12th - 28th.  It will be a lot quicker, but more intense.  And just in case you didn't notice, I will be in class Thursday, February 14th 6pm-10pm.... so we are celebrating wednesday night instead, which is fine.

I don't know that I have really explained how this MA is going to work.  It is basically block course upon block course January '08 to January '09. Then after that is student teaching - yup you heard me right. I have 3 months of student teaching to do... yes, I have been teaching in my own classroom for almost 5 years now! But since NBBC was not regionally accredited, I have to do the student teaching in a public school in order to get Illinois State Certified.  So, I'm doing it (Lord willing). All of the course work will add up to 41 credit hours.  If everything works out the way we are planning (ha!) - Tim and I may "walk" together next may 2009! How cool would that be!?


Lacie said...

That would really be neat!!! You go, girl! You can do it!!

S&s said...

I am very happy for you--glad to hear that you are one more class closer to being finished--I'm sure that is very encouraging to you;) !!

Don & Katrina Hines said...

Again, I wanted to express how proud I am of you! Keep up the great work and I know that you'll do great and learn lots!