Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Our Third Anniversary- Part 2

There were plenty of used book stores in Charlottsville. This one was the most impressive.


Tim insisted on taking this Next picture on our trip, claiming it was Noonan's new restaraunt...yikes!!


On a more serious note, we visited the campus of U.V.A. while we were in town. What a beautiful shcool! We were so impressed!

One of the most enjoyable parts was staying at the Laffayette Inn.

Our room was so comfortable and quaint. We loved it! We would HIGHLY recommend it!

We also ate two meals there. We had dinner that night and breakfast the next morning. The food was absoulutely amazing!

After breakfast, we drove the Skyline Drive to see the scenery. We some some gorgeous views!

The LAST thing that we did (I know this has been so long!) was we went to Monticello. We both enjoy Historical things, so we really did enjoy learning about Thomas Jefferson, seeing his house, and walking through his vinyards and gardens.

And that ENDS the story of the Baylor family vacation...thanks so much for tuning in :o)


LMLogan said...

wow!! sounds like a fun filled trip! great pics!! :)

Laura said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. All of your pics were just so awesome. Isn't history fascinating? What a great way to celebrate your 3rd anniversary!

suzanne said...

looks like you had a fun trip! Can I tag along next time?

Suz (the sister) said...

I'm so glad you two take the time to go away and celebrate your years together. It's important and I wish Andy and I had made it more of a priority before we had kids. (It's hard to do this after kids come along.) Anyway, we enjoyed the pictures and we're so glad you two had a good time! love you and we're looking forward to seeing you in July when you come home!

Suzanne (the sister)

jeileenbaylor said...

suz D - you're such a dork! hee hee --- it would be fun to all go on a trip together though, wouldn't it? Tim said that Gavin is like the cutest boy ever!

Suz H (sis) - I know, I'm glad we have decided to take trips too. We have to be really careful with our money and save up for it... but it has proved good for our marriage :o)Thanks for the encouragement! We love you!
ps. loved the pics of wil on his b-day... he's so cute!

Shannon said...

Cool pics. Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing!

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