Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Back on Track...

Well, I am finally back to blogging... needless to say it has been unbelievably busy! But I will try ot catch you all up as to what has been happening in our lives :o)

First, the School year ended May 31st, last wednesday!!!! Now we are in teacher training until the 16th. The picture on the top is of my sweet 4th grade children :o) I'm just now starting to miss them... hee hee .

The picture below it is of the teacher's I work with: Jessica Palmer, Lacie, Melissa, Laura, Danielle, and Katie. They are sweet blessings from the Lord!

Yahoo! Summer begins in a week and a half!

I will be working at Shoneys' Friday and Saturday (daytime) and working tutoring Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Hopefully, I will end up with Sunday and Monday off :o)
So I can go do some FUN stuff :o)


Laura said...

Happy Summer break Julie!! Love ya!

journeyer said...

wow, when I see all the kids together, it sure looks like a lot of them!

jeileenbaylor said...

21!!! It looks like next year I will have a smaller clas...yahooo:o) We will be having 3 classes of 4th grade instead of two :o) GOD is so GOOD!