Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Caleb John Heckathorne

Julie and I want to welcome one of our favorite new people into the world, the new son of my sister Suzanne, Caleb John Hecathorne. What an honorable name he has inherited! Caleb was a man of faith and courage, and there are so many men named 'John' worthy of honor (John Baylor, John Calvin, John Murray, John Edwards, John Starks). Welcome to the family Caleb! May the Lord create in you a courageous heart filled with faith which fearlessly pursues God's pleasure in all things and in all things finds the pleasure that comes from God.


LMLogan said...

oh how precious!! :)
mom said she babysat will - and it was quite an experience!! :)
give suz and the fam our love!!

Da GrandFadder said...

Sweet little boy with a beautiful name ( Caleb John Heckathorne). God has blessed us with two wonderful grandsons (Caleb & also Ryland Timothy Baylor) How very special to see our family expanding and our branches spreading each with a godly heritage of parents and grandparents that know and love our gracious God and King, Jesus Christ.

Luther's Stein said...

Dad, you have 4 grand sons

Anonymous said...

Momma says:

He is precious; looks like Will. Will LOVES him and is so sweet and gentle with him.

What dad meant was two NEW grandsons.

Suz (the sister) said...

Thanks you guys for your sweet words! He's such a sweetie and we're enjoying him a lot. We'll work on our webpage this weekend, I'm hoping, and you can check out the new pictures. :) Love you!

jeileenbaylor said...

we love those boys!