Monday, June 04, 2012

Menu Plan Monday~ June 4/12

It's been a good week, but a busy one. But a good kind of busy - lots of fun things to do with friends. It's at the point where I can't go to everything or I get overwhelmed. I suppose  that's a nice problem to have. Just 8 months ago when I arrived in Aberdeen, I had 0 on my calendar and only 1 friend. I'm thankful to the Lord for a good community!

Calorie counting and Exercising goals: I had the goal of counting my calories every day(and staying within my limits for 14 days straight and exercise 5x each week to remind myself that I CAN get results when I am consistent. I did very well the first week - I didn't miss a day of tracking or exercise and I lost 1.8 lbs! Then the next week, I didn't quite finish 2 of my days of tracking and missed 2 days of exercise and my weight stayed the same. So basically the first week was a really great reminder that if I am careful and consistent with my calories and exercise, I lose weight. Now I just need to stick to it each week!

Here's what's on the menu this week:

Monday~ Breakfast for Dinner

Tuesday~ Chipotle Burrito Bowl, tortilla chips - I didn't get a chance to try this one last week and I would like to :)

Wednesday~ Loaded potato Soup (321 calories, 11.1g fat, 3g  fiber per 1 1/4 cup) and side salad
Thursday~Green Salad with Grilled Chicken and Mandarin Oranges and Almonds (220 calories, 9 g of fat, 2 g of fiber, not counting dressing, serving size 1 3/4 cup), crispy bread

Friday~ Salmon with Lemon and Dill, grilled asparagus, and grilled carrot fries (320 Calories per fillet)

Check out orgjunkie for more great menu ideas.

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Danielle said...

Your menu posts make me so hungry. This week it's the potato soup that's screaming my name. Congrats on the weight loss! And also for maintaining the next week even when you weren't as strict. Hope you have a wonderfully successful week this week. :)