Sunday, June 17, 2012

#006 You Might Live in Scotland If...

... You have to make your own "half and half" or coffee creamer because they don't sell it in the grocery store. 

The first time I sent Tim to the grocery store to grab a few things, he spent forever looking for some half and half for our coffee. He finally(to my amazement) asked a store worker where he could find some. Her reply was, "What is half and half and what would you use it for?" Our stores here have:

*skimmed milk
*semi-skimmed milk
*whole milk
*single cream (too thick for coffee)
*double cream (basically whipping cream)

---> So I mix equal parts of milk and single cream in an empty jar to make half and half for our coffee. Most people here just put milk in their coffee, but we just can't do it! But I really do miss all of those fun flavored creamers especially around the holidays! I am beginning to appreciate the taste of the actual coffee more now though and my dear husband is glad :)


Rob H said...

Wow - that makes me really sad. I sure love my half and half :)


Suzanne said...

That IS sad! I would not do well with out my french vanilla creamer!

Helen Handley said...

You can make your own fun flavors! Google "homemade liquid coffee creamer" and give it a shot!