Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving in Scotland

We had a low key, relaxed day spent with family and some of our new friends here in Aberdeen. It started out with some cooking...
Madison Smashing sweet potatoes for the best ever Sweet Potato Casserole

Rose got in on the action

"The Turkey!" 21 Pounder - my biggest yet. I was nervous, but Martha  Stewart's recipe helped a ton!

Sweet Potato Casserole and Coffee cake- Thanks mom for the best recipes!

We lazied around and had appetizers during the afternoon while the turkey cooked. We also watched "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" - which is surprisingly historic. I forgot about that. I liked it! Oh and we watched "Garfield a Thanksgiving Special" -so fun!

Sparkling grape juice - fun that the girls could even get in on :)

The finished turkey! People said it was flavorful and tender. I was so grateful. It was a butter  herb recipe  where you rub the butter under and on top of the skin. I had never done that before. In fact, after I finished the butter part, I told Tim I would never do it again. But after we tasted it, we decided that I should :)

Aberdeen Student fellowship Thanksgiving Dinner Celebration

Kid's table

Maddy and her friend Luke

Rose and her friend Ian

Baby Lizzie and her Grandma

The guys always seem to find one another to talk theology with

The spread!

The turkey Maddy and I made together. She came up with all of the names to thank God for on each feather.  I was so proud of her. 

We decorated for Christmas! We just did a little tree up on a bookshelf this year to keep Rose out of it and save money. I actually love the simplicity of it!

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Katie Barker said...

The tree looks great! Hows the advent calendar coming?? Glad that the turkey turned out; it looked beautiful.