Friday, November 04, 2011

Maddy Says

Madison is only 2 months away from turning THREE and her personality is really showing. She is a hoot and is always cracking us up. I want to remember some of those hilarious conversation that every mom has with her toddler. Here are a few of her recents.

* Since about summer time, Maddy has developed these imaginary friends (Ariel and Eric, Dora and Diego, and the "Thing"(from this book she read recently). Well, it didn't bother me at first because it was just cute imaginary play, but recently she has been having me do things for them and it's driving me crazy! She'll say things like, "Mom, Diego really wants you to wash his face, get him dressed or get him a cookie(I think she's hoping to get two for herself ;) Like I don't have enough work to do with 2 REAL kids!
It can get kind of embarrassing when we're in public too.
*One day we were out for a walk and a man with a dog walked by and Maddy got to pet the dog and then she yelled, "Mom, Dora wants to pet him too!" I tried to ignore here but she kept getting louder. So I kinda pretended Rose was Dora and then quickly got out of there - ha! How terrible am I?!

*After we had recently had a conversation about the fact that Jesus is everywhere and he is always with us...Maddy(on the tire swing) - "mom, mom, Jesus is sitting right across from me right there. Mom, Mom! You need to stop; Jesus' belly is getting sick because we going too fast!" Oh boy. We have a little more teaching to do on this topic :)

*After a man at the park said Madison could not pet his dog, "Mom, why can't I pet that dog?"
Me - because he might be mean and he could bite you.
Maddy- and he would bite my hand like this (putting whole hand in her mouth) and he would bit my hand off, and I would have to get a new one!  And I would be so sad because I can't  pic up candy any more!!!" (Yes, because picking up candy is the most important thing you do with your hands all day :)

*Maddy - "mom I have a boo boo on my eye, can I have a bandaid on it?"
Me - "no, we can't put bandaids on your eye because you can't see and it will get stuck to our eyelashes."
Maddy - "Then my lashes be gone and I say( yelling at the top of her lungs), "Momma Momma Momma, where my lashes go? (in sad voice) we can't get new lashes!"

*When she was coloring in her coloring book, "Mom I'm doing my work home." haha! We were recently with her cousins who had to do their Homework after school :)


Danielle said...

Ok I just laughed literally OUT LOUD after each of these stories. Especially where you pretended Rose is Dora. So funny. I think I would have done the same thing. I can't stop laughing. I know the funny times are just beginning for me over here. Miss C has quite a personality too! Thanks for sharing all of those!

trina said...

awesome! She is is so funny!! I was laughing at you pretending Rose is called "Dora." That is so hilarious!!

Shanna said...

Julie! That was the funniest thing I have heard all day. I was almost crying, that's how hard I was laughing! That Maddie. She's hilarious!! Oh and PS I would have pretended Rose was Dora, too. HA!!