Monday, November 14, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Last week's planning went well, but again, I have a few recipes left over due to busy schedules and changes in plans. I think I've decided to do what orgjunkie does and just meal plan Monday - Friday. That way I have two slush days to move around and do what I want with. That doesn't mean I'm going to eat those exact meals on those days, I usually look at the plan and make what we feel like that night anyways. This way I have some wiggle room for leftovers(a lot of the recipes make way more than we can eat in one night and i hate to waste it) or if we end up being out and about or someone invites us over ;)

So I guess you live and learn, right? We'll see how this works. I never said this was full-proof :)



I have to admit, I kind of keep putting this off because I'm a tad skeptical of how good it will be. But I AM going to try it this week. I bet it's going to be great. 



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kellyH said...

that loaded potato soup sounds yummy!

Jessica Gardner said...

I think I might start doing a blog like this too! :)

Katie Barker said...

We loved the sour cream noodle bake - so I just checked out the original recipe and I'm wondering a few things. I know you didn't use egg noodles, what about the amounts of sr. cream and cottage cheese? Also, did you stir yours all together or layer it? I want to copy it close to yours!
ps - orange chicken and chicken and waffles were super awesome too!

Kate Lee Fester said...

so i did the broccoli/quinoa one at home-- added chicken for the "full meal" aspect. it was fabulous. it doesn't make a whole lot, but enough for a full meal for 3 adults. will DEFINITELY make it again! thanks!

jeileenbaylor said...

Katie - I use whatever bigger noodles i have on hands (hard to find egg noodles here. I did follow the amounts of the sour cream and cream cheese and i did layer it, not mix it all together. Hope you guys enjoy it :) I had it this week again and thought of you!