Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rose is 7 months!

Time is just flying by these day! I know that's what everyone says, but I literally feel like I just sat down yesterday to write about Rose's 1/2 birthday! She is getting so big and starting to be able to do so many things!

We got home from her 7 month wellness visit on Friday and her STATS are:
Height - 26 3/4 inches (75%)
Weight - 13 lbs 2 oz. (5%)
Head Circumference: 42 1/2 cm

She is growing nicely in her curve and looks like she is going to be long and lean ;)

Things she can do now:
* Sitting pretty - she can sit on her own now and by far she prefers this position most now!

* Foodie - she LOVES her some baby food, in fact I think she would rather eat pureed food rather than ever drink milk. I feel like I have to force her to drink her bottles now that she is eating 3 meals a day in baby food. But all in all, she still has 3-4 bottles and 3 "meals'  of veggies, fruits, cereal a day. She also as started to try and drink water out of a sippy cup at meals. She seems to like it!

*Not a Nurser: for various reasons, I decided to stop nursing her. Mainly, she was just so nosey that she would watch Maddy or look around the whole time instead of nurse. She was getting so frustrated (and frankly so was I) as one feeding could drag out to almost an hour as I am trying to get her to focus (when normally it would take her 15 min). So I had gotten to the point where I was *maybe* getting one good nursing in the morning if she was really sleepy still. Otherwise I was pumping for the rest of the feedings, which was getting stressful with Madison- I think we were both ready to move on. Things are much easier and happier around here now ;)

* HAPPY - She is still a happy, laid back little goober ;) She giggles and laughs when we kiss her neck and belly  or when Maddy is anywhere in eye sight! She gets this really sweet, knowing grin when she sees that we are going to kiss her and turns her head away to try to get out of the way as she SMILES from ear to ear!

* Mover and shaker- ok, well she's not actually going anywhere (which I am COMPLETELY fine with!) Maddy started crawling and pulling up on things at this age and I am so happy that Rose is good with playing in one spot. But she loves to kick like crazy, jump and bounce in her exersaucer or in the bouncer at church. She is just so wiggly it makes me laugh ;)

*Grabber - She grabs everything and anything that is in front of her! The other day I was on my way out of the house with the girls when I realized Rose (who I was holding on my hip) had leaned way over and was sipping the cold coffee out of top of my travel mug!

*Talker - She has some great sounds these days! She says, baba and dada the most. But she also makes raspberry blowing sounds which are just hilarious. Maddy and I always giggle at her and then Maddy asks her to do it again (which of course she can't do on command) at which point Maddy gets miffed with Rose- oh dear!

*Snuggler - When she is sad or tired, she will kind of grab me around my neck/chest and snuggle into me. It is the sweetest thing ever! At her 7 month check up, she got the biggest poochy lip ever and burst into tears when the doctor listened to her heartbeat, looked at her ears, and her eyes. I felt so badly! She almost NEVER cries or fusses - so it was shocking! When I was allowed to pick her up again, she grabbed me around my neck and just nuzzled her little face right into the crook of my neck and quickly calmed down. It was so sad, but precious too.
I snapped this pic of Rose and I after church today - poor girl was SO tired after nursery!

*Blanky - She now holds her soft little blanky when she goes to sleep. She loves to pull it up to her cheek and snuggle into it to fall asleep. I LOVE how she is attached to it already!

*Bath time - She and Maddy are hilarious in the bath together! Rose lays on her back and kicks her feet way up in the air and then splashes them loudly into the water and giggles as water goes flying! The funny thing is now Madison is getting annoyed with Rose splashing and will say, "Rose stop splashin' me!" Haha!  For the most part though, they have so much fun in their together splashing and giggling - by far one of my favorite times of the day!

*BACK girl -she sleeps on her back and would much prefer to play on her back than her belly. In fact when we force her to have some tummy time, she gets so stressed out and spends most of the time with her hands out like superman instead of supporting herself with her arms. Ha! So no where near crawling yet - which again, I am FINE with!

Rose you are a sweet gift from the Lord to our family and we LOVE YOU SO MUCH!


kellyH said...

a fun update! you have such tiny, petite little girls. Eden is already getting far too big. :)
the coffee sipping cracks me up!

Danielle said...

Omg Charlotte just turned 3 months and she weighs the same as Rose! Super cute girlie!!

Rob H said...

What a sweetie!

Katie Barker said...

Love getting all the updates. I just want to see the girl in person soon!